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Interesting that you mention those who fear being perceived as a shameless self promoter.
He was also a perpetual self-promoter who took flack for embellishing his exploits and hyping his accomplishments.
She was an incredible self-promoter, endlessly self-important.
The ironic thing is that the anti-vaccine group could be viewed as also blindly following people who promoter their agenda.
She was always a brilliant performer, a sedulous promoter of her own myth.
He knew or could get to every mercenary, adventurer, or promoter who had ever cast a shadow on that continent.
He was amazing in so many ways, especially as a promoter.
The music promoter turned digital entrepreneur ought to know.
They also had the opposite effect from methylated cytosines found in promoter regions.
All genes have them, but it is possible to replace a gene's natural promoter with another that is more amenable to manipulation.
The need to build a new place to live every few weeks trumps familiar domestic comfort as a promoter of social cohesion.
The former banker and cricket promoter pleaded not guilty to all charges.
The department is, by law, both inspector of and promoter for the meat industry.
Radiation exposure is a potential cancer promoter since it can trigger mutation in healthy cells.

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