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Bacteria that can live on sulfur in hydrothermal vents would seem promising.
The final step was to explore promising areas and dig.
One promising line of research is the birds' hormone levels.
Incredibly promising news for a truly graceful species.
Coupled with her high progesterone levels, these outward signs are promising.
Promising fossils get wrapped in toilet tissue and newspaper for protection.
He returned to the coast to find work, promising himself to return.
Talking is easier than doing, and promising than performing.
On this the fellow craved for mercy, promising to give back whatever he possessed of mine.
Oil prospects, while initially promising, have failed to materialize.
Researchers are finding promising new evidence of the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids, the active ingredient in marijuana.
The results so far are as promising as they have been inexpensive to attain.
First and foremost, they should be at the beginning of a promising career in exploration.
There's something so promising about looking at that map and seeing the possibilities.
Within three days we'd marked hundreds of potential targets, including about a dozen that looked particularly promising.
Thornton's impressive short film track record certainly augments a promising career.
Some versions of the legend say that he departed across the ocean, promising to return.
Her initial results were promising enough to begin trials with farmers.
Familiarity with the terrain in which he works also allows him to identify promising shoots.
We are pleased to support them as they set out on promising careers.
Come help us provide a hand up to empower survivors to create a promising future.
Some industries look more promising than others, according to the report.
Candidates must possess a demonstrated commitment to teaching and evidence of a promising research agenda.
Understanding and use of evidence, research, and knowledge of promising practices.
But while early colleges show promising results, financing remains a challenge.
That's my term for promising to do something grander than what the end product could actually be.
Still, the administration has identified several promising approaches.
Although the morning forecast had looked promising for severe weather, the storms did not fire up.
Population trends could enhance these promising developments.
Ahead of the current election they seem to be competing primarily by promising to dole out cash.
But though the geology is promising, nobody has yet found any oil.
Nonetheless, the initial take up has been promising.
Nano-scale medical research is promising some amazing breakthroughs in diagnosis and drug delivery techniques.
Failure of a promising compound casts a shadow on others.
With the correct study design, proponents say, cancer vaccines should prove to be promising.
Although the findings are promising, the authors caution that they cannot yet form the basis for screening for depression.
But the legal questions surrounding this promising technology are almost all as yet unresolved.
What makes gene therapy so promising also makes it extremely challenging.
He was talking to us, the viewers, promising us a season of mayhem.
In those days, the city's vast waterfront was a promising source of well-paying manual labor.
But the paper does point to a promising trajectory for research in biology and public health.
The book is a first novel, skillful and much more than promising.
They're now promising self-esteem and cultural transformation.
Over the past decade, however, a more promising trade has become possible.
Edition, the definitive professional guide, offers some promising leads.
Promising new antibiotics, antidotes, and vaccines emerge.
Butanol-a promising next-generation biofuel-packs more energy than ethanol and can be shipped via oil pipelines.
Silicon has the right electrochemical affinity for lithium ions to make it a promising material for anodes.
They are also promising for electric and hybrid vehicles.
One promising storage option is a new kind of battery made with all-liquid active materials.
Now comes a promising new approach: partly humanize the pig's liver.
While it's not yet clear how well those cells reflect the specific diseases, early research is promising.
Spots promising biotech work and helps build new companies to commercialize it.
We are an old agricultural school here, and have been working on some new hybrids that look quite promising.
Disappointingly, the report makes no effort to distinguish between those start-ups that seem promising and those that do not.
Of this group, some seem more promising than others.
The promising studies on communicating with the apes have become bogged down in controversies.
Promising eventually to comprise ninety volumes, the project at present is approximately two-thirds complete.
To judge from the discussions so far the prospects for continuing disarmament and slowing proliferation don't look promising.
He survived by promising not to let his pro-choice views hold up the judicial nominations before the committee.
The fear that a promising start to reform could unravel arises from past experience.
The results were promising, but mixed-a little too careful, a little too sprawling.
Friends and family despair as a once promising life is wasted on dead-end jobs and long nights by the candle in a drafty garret.
There's a naughty nightclub, but with the charming innocence of an advertising board outside promising cheerful lap-dancing.
Twitter seemed promising, but the firm was drifting.
Once again, heroic new exile leaders are promising freedom.
Eight months later, it's still promising, but fulfillment is a bit behind schedule.
Promising new technologies could sniff out liquid bombs.
The end product is a promising renewable, clean-burning fuel that could someday replace gasoline.
Solar sails are a promising way of doing an interstellar precursor mission.
Perhaps no invention of modern times has delivered so much while initially promising so little.
When he and his colleagues extracted a couple of the fragments from the rocks, they noticed something promising about them.
If so, that will be quite a turnaround for a promising but beleaguered technology.

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