prominently in a sentence

Example sentences for prominently

Facial disk is prominently rimmed dark, especially on the lower half.
Indeed, some of his first dance paintings portray the audience and orchestra as prominently as the ballerinas onstage.
Parades figure prominently in many of the film clips.
In it, he places two goldeneye ducks so prominently in the foreground that they threaten to swarm into the viewer's face.
It features prominently in the future energy policy of all industrial economies.
We were excited to see that wind energy was so prominently featured in the article.
During pregnancy the muscular tissue becomes more prominently developed, the fibers being greatly enlarged.
And it's appropriate, given how prominently our own galaxy features in this video.
And there are promoted trends, or contextualized topics that a brand can pay for to feature prominently.
There's a reason the word plague figures so prominently in history texts.
Perhaps in a future version, his belly screen will feature more prominently.
Regulators will figure prominently, particularly those central bankers drawn into the fight to rescue the financial system.
Nonetheless, the aluminum tubes figured prominently in the debate.
The novel tracks their gradual coming together through a maze of trials in which monsters and devils figure prominently.
All these films showcase spectacular effects, some more prominently than others.
They take advantage of gamers' completion urge by prominently displaying progress bars that encourage leveling up.
Interviews with the crews' families figured prominently in the coverage.
Charges of corruption often figure prominently too, giving an otherwise ugly transfer of power a gloss of legitimacy.
But once again, e is a drug whose health benefits are being prominently investigated.
As a result, she is featured more prominently on the site than lower-scoring writers.
So little substance, but trumpeted prominently as though you somehow had the goods on him or were raising burning questions.
Clearance heights shall be prominently posted where the height is insufficient for vehicles and equipment.
Sponsor's name mentioned prominently in all press releases produced for the event.
Look for the latest arrivals prominently displayed at the new books table, work at a quiet table or read in a comfortable chair.
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