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If lime green and variegated yellow-and-green foliage are prominent, try hot colors.
Don't drop names of prominent people in your field whom you've met at conferences.
The prominent reasons are his high-profile refusals to accept the scientific consensus on human evolution and global warming.
All of the group's hens place their eggs in the dominant hen's nest-though her own are given the prominent center place.
They will focus on the items, such as computers and soda cans, that are prominent parts of their culture.
It looks as if it would take little more than a strong breeze or a good push to topple some of their more prominent features.
The prominent horn for which these rhinos are so well known has also been their downfall.
These aren't prominent people, there weren't breaking the law and there's no news value in posting their identifying information.
But, they said, they are not logging every keystroke as a prominent critic suggested.
It offers a high standard of living, an excellent public transport system and is a prominent educational center.
Polo is also another prominent activity in the area.
The desert city is known as a retreat for celebrities and prominent people.
Most prominent of all the markings are the white spots that cap the poles.
Self-help and support groups also play a prominent role in recovery for many people who stutter.
It's a prominent website with lobbyists writing completely ridiculous comments on it.
Every now and then a prominent religious zealot proclaims that the end is nigh.
But a prominent solar scientist who studies those flows says that the model does not match observational data.
It is well-marked and prominent at the upper and middle parts of the bone.
The upper lip is completed and the nose is more prominent.
No sooner had the fashion of tobacco-smoking become prominent, than it divided pamphleteers into two camps.
Taking up first the general economic discussion, two prominent names deserve attention.
Of the two cusps the labial is the larger and more prominent.
Its central part presents a deep longitudinal fissure, bounded by prominent overhanging anterior and posterior lips.
Prominent structures such as long necks could well have been used in mating displays of dinosaurs.
The attractive illustrations featured prominent individuals who had been affected by the disease.
The positioning could hardly have been more prominent.
One is casting public light on the private behaviour of prominent personalities.
The new edition is likely to have a prominent place for the idea of leverage and how it contributed to the crisis.
Includes portraits, biographies, and a general history of prominent families.
One prominent consideration in rating these programs is, of course, reputation itself.
Now two prominent commercial space companies have announced plans for reusable launch vehicles, and their progress is notable.
Entertainment companies have been prominent adopters.
All of this has led several other prominent environmentalists to publicly favor new nuclear plants.
Instead of a novel trait becoming prominent, one tail of the distribution would rise in frequency.
They also are much smaller in size and have more prominent foreheads, eyes, and teeth.
Early in my career a prominent scientist told me that when he started something in earnest, he quit reading the literature.
It needs to become prominent on the national radar and a priority in policy discussions.
Prominent colonial lobbies emerge and engage in an ideological, nationalistic, appeal to the tax-payers of the motherland.
But there was another reason why astronomy was so prominent in ancient and medieval science.
In the last few months, three prominent scientists-all biologists-have published their own books on belief.
Not at all the sort of place you would expect to find a spinning red swastika on prominent display.
They are generally successful, wealthy, and in some cases quite prominent.
And it granted a prominent stage to a group of terrific performers.
Their content is largely supplied by unpaid bloggers, who are given a more prominent platform than they might otherwise attain.
Lin was a prominent advocate of heavy investment in rural electricity, running water.
Since then it has snowballed, with prominent intellectuals and several politicians themselves joining its ranks.

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