prolongation in a sentence

Example sentences for prolongation

He concocts strategies ostensibly for the prolongation of a healthy life.
But the shelf is also a geographical term, used to describe the physical prolongation of land below the sea.
As medical technology promised ever-lengthier prolongation of life at ever-higher costs, his stand seemed sane, even humane.
Now the president seems intent on an extraordinary concentration of power into his family's hands, and on its prolongation.
In this case, prolongation of life should trump reproduction.
Genetic technology keeps moving toward laboratory propagation, toward vast prolongation of life.
The renal sinus is lined by a prolongation of the fibrous tunic, which is continued around the lips of the hilum.
From it a prolongation is sent forward between the fourth and fifth metatarsal bones.
If they are spared by the humanity of the enemy and carried from the field, it is but a prolongation of torment.
The angle of junction of the lower and left lateral borders forms a prolongation, termed the uncinate process.
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