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Because aspirin may prolong bleeding, it should be avoided.
That or they use it to prolong the degree cycle in order to get more student--teaching out of their phd.
When they rise, consumers prolong payments and the duration of these securities lengthens.
Small chunks cut from a fake fireplace log will prolong the burn.
In government laboratories and elsewhere, scientists are seeking a drug able to prolong life and youthful vigor.
Deadheading the spent blossoms helps prolong bloom time.
Natural substances can treat cancer, prolong life and trigger amazing hallucinations.
Less visibly, antipsychotic medication can prolong remissions and reduce the potential for acute episodes.
Dutch doctors, by contrast, try to prolong the pregnancy.
But well-intentioned glial reactions to intense pain can at times prolong that pain.
Blossoms are followed by conspicuous pinkish brown, bristly fruits that prolong color display.
There's no doubt that medicine and smart environments can and will prolong life.
Carbonated beverages do not cause ulcers or prolong healing.
Or, you could prolong the mystery and play my favorite game instead.
Bring indoors during winter to prolong the life of the birdhouse.
We need to exercise every available option to prolong the world s survival.
Cut faded flowers to prolong bloom and lessen production of seedpods.
Treating some diabetic patients for depression may help prolong their lives, according to new research.
Cutting spending now could indeed prolong the recession and result in an even worse fiscal position.
Aquariums are now playing a big part in trying to conserve prolong marine life.
To prolong flowering, pick flowers freely add to my plant list.
Antidiarrheal medications are generally not given because they may prolong the infection.
Yet the government will not agree on a plan to distribute drugs which prolong lives and help prevent further infection.
Erythropoietin treatment does not help prolong survival.
Of course, a healthy way of life is well known to prolong existence.
But subsequent larger trials showed it did not prolong lives in the lung cancer population as a whole.
The right sort of pick may prolong a president's influence long after his return to normal life.
Donate whatever your organs can do at the final time and make one more effort to prolong another life.
And remember: the idea of freezing is to prolong the life of food that you're going to eat, not to postpone discarding it.
Rigid labor laws can act as circuit breakers and to prolong recessions.
To mix the two up is simply to prolong the argument in a way that simply promotes paralysis.
Avoid decongestants because they dry the vocal cords and prolong irritation.
Bankruptcy procedures, which debtors prolong for years, should now be faster and leave more of value to lenders.
No one should do anything to prolong human life or increase food or energy supply.
But some experts say that in many cases, the longer-term use of drugs has not been proved to prolong life.
Many also prefer not to prolong their working day by networking after hours.
Even to a layman, this seemed likely only to prolong the suffering.
Too much government intervention, while sometime will increase expansion, will more often than not prolong the downturns.
Stimuli that boost consumer spending prolong high levels of unemployment.
Two drugs can prolong the lives of people with advanced melanoma in what researchers call notable progress.
Though they frantically try to create wealth by borrowing and/or printing money, all they do is prolong the agony.
The goal is to aid blood flow, create a counter pulse and prolong exercise time, the company says.
Tariffs will simply prolong the below parity regime, helping no-one, harming both sides.
He does not eat and drink in a given way primarily to be healthy, feel good, and prolong life.
Nowadays scientists turn to fruit flies for clues about how to prolong life.
Antibiotics may prolong life, but the drugs often fail to cure the infection because the bacteria quickly develop drug resistance.
However, the animal called the immortal jellyfish does exist, and it possesses an unusual ability to prolong its life.
Taking care of your travel trailer will not only prolong its life, but will also improve its resale.
They've heard it all, and rudeness and smugness will only prolong your wait.
But paying off debts will be an enormous and painful task, which could also prolong the pain inflicted by the economic slump.
To prolong the flight some have turned to fancy dress.
In all these ways, high home ownership may prolong and deepen a recession.
In past research, statin therapy has been shown to prolong the lives of people with heart disease.
They glint with a steely resolve when he thinks of a way to prolong the lives of his ailing kids.
Maybe the artificial intelligences will help us treat the effects of old age and prolong our life spans indefinitely.
In those uses, trials have shown the drug can prolong life up to a few months.
Medications that stop diarrhea are generally not given because they may prolong the course of the disease.
But this downbeat aftermath is underplayed to prolong the misty-eyed sentimentality.
Some undoubtedly were necessary to relieve pain and suffering or to prolong life.
The goal of treatment is to relieve symptoms, avoid complications, and prolong life.
Radiation and chemotherapy are used to shrink the tumor and prolong life.
Resistant infections cost more to treat and can prolong healthcare use.

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