prolifically in a sentence

Example sentences for prolifically

And she composed prolifically, often drawn to social, historical and religious themes.
The four sidemen also recorded prolifically on their own, extending the quintet's influence.
The beauty of the environment helped restore him immediately, and he began to paint prolifically during this period.
Both rabbits and hares have short tails and breed prolifically.
All three grow taller than almost all other herbaceous plants, spread prolifically, and can quickly dominate large areas.
It is a water mold which prolifically produces spores in humid and moist environments.
But its mischief can't be ignored either, particularly since it breeds prolifically.
Open-grown exotic bush honeysuckles fruit prolifically and are highly attractive to birds.
The crayfish reproduces prolifically and can move overland, increasing its chances of spreading on its own.
Seed is spread prolifically by birds and may overrun unmanaged areas, especially saline sites.
It seeds prolifically, but can also rapidly spread by rhizome growth.
Exotic invasive plants tend to produce seeds prolifically.
They reproduce prolifically, sometimes with seed capsules that burst explosively to disperse their seeds in all directions.
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