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Meanwhile, other members of the proletariat were encouraged to occupy the homes of the wealthy.
Or they can clamp down, clean up, and face the double short-term risk of a stalled economy and a wrathful proletariat.
They could bribe the town proletariat with their leavings, but the peasants became their enemies.
But this led to a rise in prices that fostered discontent among the urban proletariat.
Technocracy was once a communist idea: with the proletariat in power, administration could be left to experts.
The real proletariat are suffering in both dispensations.
Only recently has the proletariat expected to be able to identify with their leaders.
The view from behind the wheel is as proletariat as it gets: no frills, no flash, no real driving engagement.
Asteroids have always been the proletariat of the solar system.
Luckily, the growth of the craft-beer industry has spurred the proletariat-friendly beer tour.
Amid the upheaval, fearful aristocrats sought to blend in with the proletariat by traveling on the right as well.
The right of a state in no less a collective right than is the right of the proletariat.
The end result would be a more equitable relationship for the proletariat having appreciated and utilized their collective power.

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