projecting in a sentence

Example sentences for projecting

Projecting on either side are the lateral and medial epicondyles.
Projecting from the lower part of the squama is a long, arched process, the zygomatic process.
Nicely motivates by projecting both the fun and sport of reading.
The speakers are located on the back side of the device, projecting audio away from the user.
In other words, this system allows us to project capability without projecting vulnerability.
Presidential debates always put more importance on projecting character than on being right.
Venture-capital firms invest in trends by projecting returns.
She did it by projecting her need to lift you past whatever glum thoughts or feelings you might be having.
Consider that fiction is largely about projecting characters into the minds of readers.
Humans have always spent too much time projecting their narrow legends into the sky, it'll be here long after we're gone.
We can discuss the range of scenarios people are projecting.

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