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The intention was to get close, fire a projectile into the surface and grab some of the ensuing dust.
Scientists can then predict when an impact event occurred and the size of the projectile.
Initial examinations found cut marks on the bones, and a projectile point made of bone was embedded in one of the mastodon's ribs.
Such information could prove invaluable if it became necessary to nudge the projectile from its path.
Well, suppose this is real physics and real projectile motion.
The velocity alone can make a loose bolt the equivalent of a rail gun projectile.
First, it shows that the horizontal and vertical motion in projectile motion are independent.
When the projectile exits slam the door shut and redirect the radioactive steam back underground.
Of course there are cases where projectile points have been found embedded in mammoth bones.
It is supposed to show that the vertical and horizontal components of an object in projectile motion are independent.
When the projectile exits slam the door shut and redirect the radioactive steam into the water.
The one sure thing that makes me gag is being around someone with projectile vomiting.
The question of what goes into the projectile is the only interesting one.
The projectile burst from the round takes care of the rest.
The insert is less than half the weight of the projectile being fired.
Below is a time lapse picture of it hurling a lighted projectile from one end of a parking lot near my home to the other.
It contains a projectile with a high-explosive charge surrounded by a steel case.
But don't leave the stopper in once you light your fire or it'll turn into a projectile.
They dropped an ivory projectile, which was found in the sediment.
He woke up with projectile vomiting and before long began taking short, shallow breaths.
The technical term for a politician's projectile-dodging duck.
One millisecond later, the projectile slams into its concrete target.
Archaeologists use the term projectile point or point rather than arrowhead.
The projectile consists of a two-piece projectile that is mechanical secured by a knurled interference fit at the center location.
The basic concept of a gas gun is to propel a projectile into a target at high velocities, up to eight kilometers per second.
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