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The road is long from the project to its completion.
He entertains your thought or your project with sympathy and praise.
The boring project manager, in other words, meant more to the success or failure of the project than did the flashy designer.
If the dollar goal isn't met, the project's funds aren't collected and dispersed.
The project is a public-private partnership, and the private firms involved are also committing considerable sums to it.
For a slightly more ambitious project, turn two or more chairs into an eclectic set.
The project moves me toward my goal of publishing more complex fiction with a larger publishing house.
They can prevent you from publishing data gathered for a project that was not submitted for consideration.
The project is situated on a plot of land, adjacent to the campus, that was once a golf course.
They may also be reluctant to embark on a project in a country that they do not know.
The project has since grown and its scope has been broadened.
Another objective of the project is to find new proteins that can help in turning plants into fuel.
But his satellite-monitoring project is far more than a publicity ploy.
Within weeks, he and a small team of civil servants and tech experts had established much of the project's architecture.
Describes how he rebuilt vintage airplanes and sold them for a substantial profit to keep his crater project going.
Yet this was the moment when he gave himself over to a project that he may have begun sometime earlier, in the late seventies.
The overall goal is to project an image of party unity, a ritual coming together following an often divisive primary campaign.
File this art project under things that are creepy but interesting.
One summer, the company brought in a number of well-known artists to work on a project, one of whom was a photographer.
It wasn't until several months into the project, however, that it occurred to the magazine to contact the author.
The journey of discovery that every film project entails.
She brings her whole sensibility to a project, and her notes come from the heart as well as from the head.
Our desire to study humor arose from a project focused on the brain disorder known as narcolepsy.
He begat the project but was then shut out for being a perceived security risk.
Researchers draw closer to machines that project sound the way a laser projects light.
It's too soon, he says, to tell whether his project has worked.
The ambition behind this project goes back to the founding of this country.
We had to move in by hand the bulky equipment needed to project the sound and video.
Which is true enough, though less true than it was ten years ago when the project began.
If the best and brightest insist on staying at home, today's imperial project may end-unspeakably-tomorrow.
Obviously the authorities knew about the project before it started.
Its leaders say that the project will give the country a leadership position in renewable energy.
The project started with a large bolus of new money and has since brought lots of new money to science.

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