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Colleges must comply with federal and state laws that prohibit discrimination against students on the basis of disability.
Most of these either prohibit buybacks or make them unattractive.
Laws prohibit people from harming loggerheads and other sea turtles.
Critical habitat designations prohibit federal agencies from taking actions that harm protected species within those areas.
Extreme temperatures prohibit fieldwork the rest of the year.
But if a court were to take this argument seriously, it would also have to prohibit nepotism in hiring.
Most civilised countries have signed conventions that prohibit them from deploying-indeed, from manufacturing-biological weapons.
Prohibit smoking will do the criminal element a huge favor.
There is no reason to prohibit creative interdisciplinary projects.
Kosher laws proscribe pork and shellfish and prohibit mixing meat and dairy products.
These lower appendices aim to regulate trade, not prohibit it.
It's still manufactured and distributed where laws do not prohibit it.
It stems from the failure of the rich countries' attempts to prohibit cocaine and heroin.
Apple's policies still prohibit nudity from appearing in apps.
And the carriers have the biggest incentive to prohibit unlocked phones.
The regulations of the censorship of the press prohibit any.
Federal guidelines prohibit persistent cookies unless approved by a department head providing a legitimate reason for doing so.
It is reasonable to prohibit profanity on campus, as long as students are made aware of the policy in advance.
But the law doesn't prohibit the internal distribution of user information.
Companies are advised to block overseas calling and set up their phone systems to prohibit the outbound call-transfer feature.
During his election campaign, he vowed to prohibit legislative pay raises.
Suppliers of such gadgets could use licences to prohibit any tinkering.
In addition, government should prohibit the use of food stamps to purchase junk food within those stores.
Container ships lack armed personnel or guns because they must dock in ports that prohibit carrying weapons.
He has written extensively about online poker and federal attempts to prohibit it.
The fundamental point is this: governments cannot prohibit citizens from taking anything.
There would be no occasion to prohibit the importation of foreign silks and velvets.
National security restrictions prohibit anyone from speaking publicly about the program.
It means that people still dream about alternatives, so you have to prohibit this dream.
The point is not to prohibit the personal, but to examine it with utter ruthlessness.
And our pocketbooks and our prejudices and our pride prohibit us from fixing the system.
We tolerate cigarettes and alcohol but prohibit the recreational use of similarly mild intoxicants, including marijuana.
The ordinance does not prohibit individuals from carrying other flags in public or displaying flags on private property.
Defendants do not explain what prudential considerations would prohibit such equitable relief, and the court is aware of none.
But antiquated restrictions on foreign ownership prohibit airlines from merging across political borders.
It does prohibit driving while under the influence of anything that make the driver not fit to drive.
They also created private equitable servitudes to prohibit certain land uses.
It is unclear what actions these rights require from or prohibit by whom.
Huge oppressive government fighting their people every day to prohibit free thought, free speech, and human rights.
One step is to prohibit physicians and others with conflicts of interest from serving on expert panels.
Maybe there is no solution but to prohibit the hatred itself.
If the contract doesn't prohibit additional charges billed after the work is complete, you can exceed your budget.
Check to see if the place you're going to has items that they specifically prohibit, and if bags will be searched.
Perhaps their religious beliefs even prohibit themselves from getting a divorce.
Laws prohibit doctors from talking about patients using individually identifiable information.

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