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Example sentences for progressing

Set reasonable deadlines for progressing with your research.
It's a combination of good care and being in the lucky few percent that have a slow-progressing form of the disease.
Humans have destroyed this balance, extinctions of other species are progressing at a record breaking pace.
Eventually the progressing extinction will destroy almost all existing life and the planet will have a fresh start.
If you stop dancing altogether, the characters stop progressing, their movements stuck in an endless loop.
Science is progressing fast to develop safe and effective cognitive enhancers, drugs which will improve our mental abilities.
On the contrary: it is progressing at a lunatic pace.
It is progressing shakily and still needs outside help.
Players move round by throwing four coins and progressing as many squares as they throw heads.
Glad to hear that the rescue is progressing so well.
The rebels should continue on progressing with their achievements and keep it up.
Either way, glad to see computational photography progressing.
Still, it is fair to say that the science of why vaccines fail is progressing at a rapid rate.
Autism research is progressing quickly, but without a solid diagnosis, some still blame vaccines.
Then it can keep refining its recommendations as it observes how traffic is progressing.
Science would not be self-correcting and progressing without these crackpots.
She encourages employees to keep their bosses informed of how the work is progressing.
Candidates are generally those whose scoliosis is progressing.
Often there are no symptoms of progressing retinopathy.
It may not be appropriate for patients with kidney failure or rapidly progressing kidney disease.
We'll hear how the work is progressing, what challenges remain, and their thoughts on where social computing is going.
Many dark spots die out without progressing any further.
He has been progressing in his rehabilitation program but his status for the beginning of the regular season is in question.
They are following clues, and the case is progressing.
Acquisition of fuel-efficient aircraft and retirement of older, less efficient planes is progressing.

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