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Model education, social, and environment programs are underway with support from multilateral development organizations.
Our dynamic museum programs allow you to step through our doorway into history.
Learn with us during our programs and interactive activities.
Enjoy interactive, hands-on exciting exhibits and programs in spacious exhibit halls.
Engaging exhibits and special programs encourage family fun and learning across generations.
Students want hybrid programs that blend online and face-to-face experiences.
Get information on education programs that could help you increase your earning power.
Similarly, we're always told that certain government programs are untouchable.
The development of business accounting software programs has made the introduction of activity-based costing more feasible.
Support programs for low income households and infrastructure spending are found to be highly expansionary.
One of these is its handling of branches in the programs it is running.
Make sunset clauses for financial support programs the rule, not the exception.
So these days, programs are designed to have built-in safety checks to prevent them from overstepping this ethical line.
Below is a partial list of organizations offering ideas, programs and resources.
Everything always seems to be a clean sheet instead of using and improving on work and programs already done.
The teaching programs of individual faculty members have never been reviewed by all faculty, nor should they be.
Rise of randomized trials to study antipoverty programs.
The surveillance programs were saved at the last moment, using a different legal rationale.
But for developers who wants their programs to make serious money, a nonunified app ecosystem may be less than desirable.
When it comes to raw earning power, college football programs are pretty evenly split between haves and have-nots.
Chase confirms the difficulty in making modifications permanent through government programs, but not its own.
Too many government programs focus on fitness levels because it's a little bit easier on elected officials.
And other hardship programs already exist to let them wait even longer to pay, if necessary.
Some government programs turn out to be moderately successful.
Instead, they'll probably continue to develop their own programs, which they'll find preferable.
Both programs require a lot of processing speed and disk space.
Of course, this is not the first time that the efficacy of poverty reduction programs has been questioned.
With popular support for the programs, it's bad politics as well.
These programs often find their strongest support among those whose ideological leanings are left-of-center.
Aspiring journalists should stop going to journalism programs and go to some other kind of grad school.
Each of the programs simply looks better than before-nicer typefaces, better colors, a much less clunky effect overall.
Foreclosures have been slowing recently, but not because government mortgage modification programs are working.
Oz has had several programs where he describes genetic reasons for choosing one of three diet plans.
Those civilian-aid programs were largely successful.
Two alternative programs to combat the disease have been proposed.
Work and education programs have been cancelled, out of a belief that the pursuit of rehabilitation is pointless.
It allows one to change programs by remote control, watch programs simultaneously or record programs for future watching.
But it is now apparent that these programs were not sufficient to create the conditions for a full economic recovery.
Universal programs benefit those below the poverty line but also the non-poor that risk joining them.
My review was not mainly about cash pension programs either.
There were radios, but their delights-with the exception of a few programs-were reserved for the grownups only.
Proposals to bring nuclear programs under multilateral supervision are neither new nor few in number.
Permits to build churches became somewhat easier to obtain, and broadcasts of church services and programs became more frequent.
The technical excellence of the photography doesn't prevent me from considering these programs obscene.
Other government programs cover ten million people or so, and a dwindling number of people buy their own insurance.
Contributions are needed, and still more important, programs that will continue and expand.
Artists have begun searching the space of simple computer programs for algorithms that generate music.
App stores are exploding with programs designed to help people monitor their health using a smart phone.
Load a few programs and the smile turns upside down.
Registered-traveler programs have privacy implications.
In the age of austerity measures, research programs studying biodiversity have become an object of scrutiny.
The roof top solar programs are small and only offered by individual utilities, not nationally.
Nowadays there are a lot of wellness programs in which people are incentivized to engage in exercise and other healthy behaviors.
Some clever brain-simulating computer programs bolster this view.
Programs need to keep track of their alumni and make sure they are giving them the skills they need for those paths.
Each day's meals, physical activities, and cultural programs are carefully planned so guests can simply focus on well-being.
The programs were too small, and many were soon abandoned.
Today, with wall-to-wall programs reporting from the exchange, it is difficult to understand how pioneering that was.
Have race programs ready to hand out to your guests.
There are so many more programs, and so much more niche programming.
But because the programs are privately run, what happens within their walls is largely a mystery.
Several non-governmental programs support energy efficiency efforts.

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