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In addition they offer year-round programming for residents, school groups, community groups and tourists.
Local blues radio programming-which thrived during the blues heyday-is slim to nonexistent.
Strong object-oriented programming skills are required.
The elegance of its syntax is unmatched by any other numerical programming software.
Delivering the breadth, depth and quality programming of a university for more than a century.
Delivering the breadth, depth and quality programming of a university for more than a century and a half.
The school also offers programming focused on the social and emotional development of students.
The semester is starting and you need to get back to your regularly scheduled programming, literally and figuratively.
Listen to talk, music, public affairs and other programming.
Experience curating major exhibitions on photography, creating exhibition catalogs, and exhibition-related public programming.
Programming him to function in real human spaces will be frightfully more challenging.
What began as an interesting experiment has become the standard way of supporting high-quality programming.
But that reflects a weakness: its owners have little experience of developing programming and they have shallower pockets.
The case hinges on both legal contracts and programming codes, neither of them simple.
It offered unprecedented flexibility of programming but it was fundamentally insecure.
Bad judgment and shoddy data-processing and programming led more money to go astray.
Find tutorials, tips and advice for designing and building websites and for programming web applications.
You'll find tutorials, tips and advice for designing and building websites and programming web applications.
Neurolinguistic programming has become a favored pop psychology technique because it is easy to follow.
Despite their challenge, many become proficient at geometry, stats and computer programming.
Nest's self-programming thermostat programs itself by monitoring when and how much and how often its settings are changed.
Come on, try to rise above your own programming and show some interest in someone other than yourself.
My former boss uses his programming expertise to automate his heating in his house.
Due to advances in programming and communication, some have been able to go cordless.
After ten years at the state-owned station, he had resigned in protest against the lack of political balance in news programming.
Perhaps in some sense it hardens the distinction between programming as a trade and computer science as an academic field.
Maybe there's something inherent to computer programming that creates and reinforces ardent individualism.
If they don't understand computer programming well enough, then they could contract with a software designer.
The computer was able to win because of the computational programming that allows it to crunch data at superhuman levels.
Processing is a programming language created for designers and artists.
And he believes that the behavior of those bits, and thus of the entire universe, is governed by a single programming rule.
The answer does not lie in daytime programming or in public affairs broadcasting.
Some, having grown fed up with low-wage jobs, were studying computer programming or starting small businesses with borrowed money.
In his downtime, he taught himself computer programming.
There are so many more programs, and so much more niche programming.
He sat in deep meditation, programming or reading or writing something or other.
No one has personified the enlivening, or degradation, of public-affairs programming more than he.
At the same time, opera critics said he lacked imagination when it came to programming.
Last week, the research group unveiled a programming language designed to make developing complex programs far simpler.
They also point out that the programming is much easier too, thanks to the many high level programming languages available today.
The real problem is extreme programming, or rather extremely bloated programming.
In parallel programming, temporal determinism is of the essence.
Tweets and other social media comments are about to drive real-time changes in programming.
Hopefully you won't be programming any satellite fine-guidance algorithms with it.
Of course, figuring out how to pose complex questions to neurons is a monumental programming challenge.
The concern over experimentally creating, shutting off, or restrictively programming a new form of life is eliminated.
The answer is a huge team of animators but also one particular programming whiz.
There is a saying for this in the programming industry.
The two new studies have solved this problem by programming the robots' actions into their environment rather than their bodies.
We now have plenty of bandwidth but no on air programming.
Use the same type of programming that spell check uses.
We're talking local news and current affairs programming.
But amid these sagging performances, television appears to be experiencing a resurgence in a surprising place: sports programming.
TV networks and movie studios are engaged in the programming equivalent of stocking up on canned goods in case the big one hits.

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