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He's also a brilliant musician and a master programmer.
He compares it to being a computer programmer, where age seems to be a disadvantage no matter how talented you are.
Each adjustment requires a programmer to open up a writing program and rewrite parts of the code.
Someone might write about how their training has made them the best programmer or best project manager.
He's pointing out the mismatch in user and programmer language.
Plus, the technique lends itself to a computer programmer's mind and a food distributor's logistical demands.
And before his current employ as a novelist, he worked as a computer programmer.
The same company hired a smelly programmer, because he was good and of course cheap.
From a programmer's point of view, the evolution of control statements would be almost obligatory.
In the past, the career path of a gifted software programmer in a poor country inevitably led to a local conglomerate.
One hour's computer time cost more than a programmer earned in a month.
If you're a writer, a designer or a programmer, you can have a portfolio to show your work.
Many technical innovations have redefined the role of a programmer and elevated much of the programming work done today.
Surely someone could explain the conception of a quantum computer process to a highly experienced computer programmer.
If you design video games for example, you may call yourself a programmer or computer engineer to sound more respectful.
If the universe is a computer simulation, you need a programmer, a creator.
Clouds act to counter climate change, despite computer models, which can prove anything a programmer desires.
The emails and programmer's notes reveal the vast context of ten years of intellectual corruption.
The next step is many-core processors with sixteen to hundreds of cores--too many for any programmer to efficiently command.
The remaining updates could be installed without rebooting when a human programmer added a few lines of code.
There are numerous shortcuts and tricks that a clever programmer can exploit to give the impression of empathy and understanding.
It's a fast-moving, volatile development environment that will make you a better programmer.
We build good stuff fast and you will become a better programmer.
Every programmer who uses it is free to improve on it, in the process creating constantly improving, free software.

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