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The plan promises to be the biggest shake-up of the space program since the glory days of the moon landings.
Does it order and pay for it for you, presumably you have to give your program credit card details.
It must be done by all of us going forward with a program aimed at reaching a balanced budget.
In order to run a training program, you need to be board certified, to be a specialist in zoo medicine.
The program may have averted as many as five million premature deaths.
It turns out scientists can program a computer to recognize sarcasm.
While the program has gone well, there is growing doubt that the eradication goal can be reached this year.
Candidates will be expected to develop a funded clinical research program in inflammatory arthritis or related field.
Fortunately there's a simple remedy: focus as much on the before and after as on the program itself.
Users of its service download a small program onto their mobile phone.
But those who don't are forced to program their their own into oblivion.
Once he has facts that can be pulled into a computer program, he can do the ferreting for himself.
Find out how you can participate in an adopt-a-whale program.
Sign up for your community's curbside recycling program if one exists.
Go to the best program you can get into that actually meets your needs.
Scrivener is more than a mere word processor, though, and that's the beauty and wonder of the program.
He is the fourth year of his program and is starting to become understandably frustrated with the process.
The only difference that matters is the quality of the program conferring either one.
Finding out how the program works and what might become of it has been a continuing riddle during my week of interviews here.
The future shape of a manned program pursuing idealistic aims is the great unknown.
We can have a generous program funded by high contributions or a meager program funded by low contributions or no program at all.
Each month, a new cookbook is born, or a new television program with a new food star.
We even have an exciting design-your-own-rank program.
He was rejected twice before getting in the back door, as an auditor in the theory program.
The incentive program at this primary school has quickly proved a success as total enrollment has grown sharply.
He had a talent for both math and art, and began to design his own maps using a graphics program.
We used to find a lot of this in program-notes, and unhappily it still hangs on in some music departments and conservatories.
There is nothing in such a program that should appear radical or inflammatory.
It's true that, when the file was opened, this and that line of code in the computer program was executed.
For that reason, no one thought it necessary to include an outpatient prescription drug benefit in the program.
Adding more cores to a computer makes it faster, but it also makes it tricky to program.
The researchers made sure the program is small, so that it doesn't use too much power.
In the descent of our manned space program into stultified irrelevance, we're all a little bit complicit.
The program doesn't look for a predetermined set of words, but looks for patterns.
The biggest challenge in any water reuse program is not the technology.
The bike-for-energy program is a pilot project due to run for a year.
The unmanned program is having its heyday right now.
It's probably easier to program in emotions than intelligence.
With an automated program, making thousands of attempts is no trouble at all.
The long-term aim of the the grant was to create a model program that other congregations could use as well.
Dresser says that by working with domesticated species and their relatives now, she can expand the reach of the program later.

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