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While staff have observed some improvement, the fish's prognosis is not yet clear.
If the accommodation is justified then it is the prognosis of utter despair.
We actually have an almost identical situation at my house, and the prognosis isn't good.
The prognosis for the giant jumping rat may be better than expected, but it is still uncertain.
Now it seems even that dire prognosis was too optimistic, the new report says.
The prognosis for soldiers returning home with symptoms of brain damage is not encouraging.
And the prognosis may soon get even better with new pacemaker technologies.
Declare open season on health workers and the prognosis looks grim.
If this happened tomorrow, your prognosis might not be good.
The lab results are back, and the prognosis is good for real-time telemedicine.
The prognosis for the evening had not been favorable.
All three studies offer a grim prognosis: the aftermath of financial crises tends to be nasty, brutish, and long.
But he also felt that the prognosis, grave as it was, had not yet become hopeless.
Patients with adenocarcinoma have a worse prognosis and usually more rapid deterioration.
We're waiting on the doctor's prognosis to see when he can come back.
She would need a surgical procedure to remove the tumor, but the prognosis was excellent.
The prognosis was quite bad, but he fought on remarkably well.
Please let me know if you disagree with this prognosis of your physics career.
But every year, the prognosis for infectious-disease patients gets a bit grimmer.
But this piece suggests that a cyclical pattern is cooling us temporarily even as the long term prognosis remains worrying.
The less resemblance cancer cells bear to the tissue that spawned them, the worse the prognosis for the patient.
The prognosis was of course increasingly grim, but she maintained her professional calm.
Treatment and prognosis for unilateral hydronephrosis depend on what is causing the kidney swelling.
Few wanted to talk to them, for if there was no good prognosis there seemed nothing honest to say.
Alas, such a positive prognosis was to prove short-lived.
But his solution attempts to wind back the clock and your prognosis is far too gloomy.
So, while they may improve a patient's prognosis, they are not a panacea.
However, judging from how the physical mail and email spam battles played out, the prognosis is not good.
The prognosis for the foreseeable future is discouraging.
We take them on knowing they won't pay a dime, knowing they're going to complain, knowing their prognosis stinks.
And for those who do contract the new strain of the disease, the prognosis is nowhere near hopeless.
His condition and prognosis were not immediately available.

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And though your daisies are an unwanted death, I wade through the smell of their cancer and recognize the prognosi... more
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