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Example sentences for profusion

Governments with limited resources are often ill-equipped to monitor a profusion of local and regional newspapers.
So many firms rushed to install solar panels in such profusion that the world ran short of the type of silicon used to make them.
The shrewdest producers have realised that this profusion of spin-offs opens up a new approach to storytelling.
Although growing choice and the profusion of platforms is indeed crushing smaller shows, it is helping the biggest ones thrive.
The reason for this profusion is that cookbooks promise to effect a kind of domestic alchemy.
The critters-a profusion of different varieties and sizes from tiny turtle to giant carp-must make do with close quarters.
There seems to be a profusion of fabulous kids' books these days, including many engaging books on scientific topics.
Pretty much all of these people were toasted on the local wine, which flowed in great and delicious profusion.
The profusion of fonts is one more product of the digital revolution.
One reason so many colleges have improved is the profusion of able faculty members.
It is an ancient and at the same time modern state, with a profusion of historic sites and marvelous countryside.
The sheer wildness of the place, the profusion of seabirds, and its unrelenting beauty would qualify the place easily.
Eggleston's receptiveness to chromatic profusion extends to a sense of space that spills beyond the limits of the framing edge.
The profusion of such attacks within a short time frame cannot have been possible without local recruits.
In spring there will be a profusion of redbud and birch trees on the promenade.
In his town alone, there is a profusion of such bands.
The profusion of mosquitoes and biting flies can make outdoor pursuits downright uncomfortable.
Each spring, a profusion of pink and white blossoms scents the air.
Henry suggested that a first step be the development of computer standards for opacity and profusion.
If you visit a bog, observe the profusion of beautiful plants and their complicated relationship to one another.

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