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Example sentences for profusely

It needs little food, grows quickly and breeds profusely.
The pups on the bottom literally had ice forming on their bodies and were shaking profusely.
He apologized profusely for his comments and he has much to teach us about science and forgiveness.
Blooms profusely in summer, producing bright yellow daisies in flattish clusters.
After waiting in line for less than a minute, the cashier profusely apologized for my wait.
They were then escorted through profusely decorated streets to the headquarters.
Everyone let them go, perhaps with an air of mild irritation and some shaking of heads as they were thanked profusely.
If you held a public office, you would be profusely bleeding apologies right now.
Inconspicuous but fragrant yellow flowers bloom profusely in late spring, followed by small blackish fruits.
The book is profusely illustrated with half-tone plates and maps.
When she recovered herself, she thanked me profusely.
They bloom profusely in spring, then continue to produce blossoms-either in flushes or continuously-until frosty weather.
Their names appear profusely in the indexes of biographies but as individuals they have little independent existence.
He yanked his fingers back and apologized profusely.
If anyone in your party does take offence at a jibe, apologise quickly and profusely.
Blooms and seeds profusely for a long season, beginning in late winter or early spring.
The house was profusely and artistically decorated with ferns and flowers.
Unless the years-belated letter apologized profusely about the delay.
Self-seeds profusely and can be invasive add to my plant list.
Coral fountain blooms profusely for a long time, and its tubular flowers are irresistible to hummingbirds.
And, although profusely illustrated, it is filled with words as well as pictures.
The patient felt fine during the day, but his temperature soared at night and he sweated profusely.
Say you are having problems with your phone, and apologize profusely.
She cried profusely upon accepting her award, and was greeted with especially warm applause.
The pictures show shredded limbs, burned faces, profusely bleeding wounds.
Mallard sporadically checked on him, profusely apologizing but never calling for aid.
She sweats profusely and bares her teeth in hysterical laughter.
Ward a message at her office, apologizing profusely and explaining that he'd been ill.
The pressure to stay on schedule is so great, conductors apologize profusely even over a one-minute delay.
Brandes then retreated to the bathtub, bleeding profusely.
These printers will help people profusely, especially with engineers and architects working on projects and what not.
He was bleeding profusely from his ear, eyes and nose.
Her hair was profusely ornamented with curls and braids of its own rich substance.
With heat adaptation, you sweat more profusely, your sweat is less salty and your blood volume increases.
He was bleeding profusely from the mouth, where one of the bullets had entered, and blood had pooled in his lungs.
Written for the non-geologist and profusely illustrated.
Upon arrival you discovered two persons suffering serious stab wounds and bleeding profusely.
About three-quarters of the way up the stem the plant branches profusely into a flat-topped cluster of numerous flower heads.
Flowers more profusely in full sun with abundant moisture.
Upon germination, the species forms a small unbranched sprig, but soon begins to branch profusely into a clump.
Unfortunately, this popular garden plant is also highly invasive and spreads profusely by seed into disturbed and natural areas.
One of these two patients, who received eight treatments, coughed profusely both during and after the therapy.

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