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Time to stop forgetting that parenting is a deeply personal choice that generates profoundly public benefit.
The cochlear implant has proven to be a useful device for some profoundly deafened individuals.
The result is tender, funny and profoundly uncomfortable.
Expert opinion has shifted profoundly in the past decade or two.
As the only surviving member of the human lineage, our species is profoundly alone in the universe.
Microscopists have always delighted in the surprising, amusing and often profoundly beautiful scenes under their lenses.
We've landed two tenure-track jobs in the same department and are profoundly grateful for them.
Greg's mill was part of a revolution in industry that would profoundly alter the world's pecking order.
For a mouse, self-knowledge of velocity is profoundly important.
Eleanor was profoundly dedicated to advancing human rights and strengthening intergroup understanding.
Whether approving a building project or directing endowment money, they profoundly affect everyone on the campus.
If nothing else, this economic experience has been profoundly weird.
The development and use of antibiotics have profoundly changed our lives.
She will be profoundly missed by all who were fortunate enough to know her.
They hadn't been profoundly scarred by the tenure process.
According to the members of this school, early experience does profoundly mould the brain.
If you have ever seen traffic lights move out of sequence, then you will be aware how profoundly unsettling it is.
She was universally loved and admired, and will be profoundly missed.
The insider was profoundly disappointed and left to wonder what had derailed his candidacy.
If true, then the universe will last forever, but will become a profoundly lonely place.
Apple, on the other hand, comes across as profoundly humanist.
She didn't focus on the bottom line, she said, because it was so profoundly depressing.
Theorists of how these developments interlace and how the causal factors are to be teased apart disagree profoundly.
We join her colleagues and many friends in being profoundly saddened by this sudden, and untimely loss.
She was profoundly political, strongly opinionated and utterly fearless.
Nearly all of the best scholars are profoundly changed by their experiences in doing research and writing about it.
At home, the system has long been seen chiefly as a sad but necessary place to cast the severely disturbed or profoundly abnormal.
Her kindness, generosity, and spirit will be profoundly missed.
Human warfare is profoundly different from any form of conflict in the animal kingdom, chimpanzees included.
It has survived, but each of these media has profoundly influenced it, changed its nature forever.
We are grateful for his leadership and will profoundly miss his generous spirit, tenacity, and vision.
Sound research can profoundly improve the welfare of inmates.
But the latest findings show that fish may also be directly and profoundly affected.
The models are profoundly affected by rises and falls in volatility.
Alan will be profoundly missed by his colleagues and friends.
Hoarding horrifies me, perhaps in part because it is profoundly ugly.
The software development process is profoundly screwed up.
They also profoundly test a country's sense of itself, forcing people to define what they value.
We will profoundly miss his warmth, gentle humor, and devotion to the synagogue.
In my opinion, it is profoundly unethical to exploit such a loophole.
It's easy to suggest why this should happen, but profoundly difficult to imagine how.
Greg will be profoundly missed yet fondly remembered as he touched the hearts of so many people.
They began to sway in a slow circle, singing a profoundly melancholy song.
Honest people disagree profoundly over the history, legitimacies, and injustices in this region.
Globalization has profoundly changed the future for our students.
It matters profoundly what students actually learn and how this capital can be mobilized.
Having traveled before in that country, my experience was profoundly different.
One of his jobs would profoundly influence his music.
It was a profoundly unjust use of government power against an individual-a case flawed in both conception and execution.
And this is why today's news is profoundly depressing.
It was a courageous sentiment from someone working in a profoundly imperfect system.
Such a profoundly untrue statement would never be made, even if spinal fusion was to be considered.
The whole art of war has been profoundly altered by the application of science.
It is an inspiring, energizing offer-and still a profoundly influential one.
We profoundly believe that the world does not need legal bottom-feeders.
It is an inspiring, energizing offer--and still a profoundly influential one.
What happens later changes the freshness profile profoundly.
The talent concern is real, but addressing the problem through cyber militias would be profoundly destabilizing for the region.
Return them, and you have the potential to increase the biotic wealth of the ocean profoundly.
Our ways of life are profoundly changed since that dawn.
Species may be profoundly important for cultural and spiritual reasons, however.
The ecosystems within the lakes were also profoundly affected, the scientists report.
Surely, this aspect also might profoundly affect our psychological well-being.
He feels profoundly tired and has muscle aches that are so disturbing he can neither play golf nor do his usual exercise.
We profoundly overestimate our ability to see things as they are.
Birds that have lived their lives on pasture and been processed with care are profoundly delicious.
He was profoundly interested in spelling reform, which he actively urged upon both the learned and the unlearned.
No one will be more profoundly sad than he who laughs too much.
Coming closer, you will be profoundly discouraged at the number of low spots, not to say two-spots.
Thinking over the interview, it struck me as being profoundly unsatisfactory.
He was profoundly affected by the unfavorable reception he met with, and his tears flowed freely.
He would be profoundly miserable if he had affections-he has none but for himself.
Demographic change is sculpting education more profoundly.
Yet the downturn has profoundly affected the art of dealmaking.
From the alphabet to clocks and printing, every major new technology has profoundly altered the way in which humans think.
But neither has really changed government profoundly.
And yet it was in some ways also profoundly dispiriting.
These traits make them profoundly unique from markets for non-financial goods, for instance.
It's a search engine that is profoundly--some might say radically--private.
People's expectation about the value of what they're consuming profoundly affects their experience.
Transportation could be affected even more profoundly.
They differ from each other profoundly, but not in ways that lend themselves to such hierarchical judgments.
These were not described in recreational terms, but as profoundly meaningful spiritual events.
Here's a new, as yet unexplored-but profoundly inevitable-crush pairing.
Although they have shaped her entire life in profoundly damaging ways, she has concealed them with ferocious determination.
His imprint profoundly influenced everything from the literature of the day to chair styles.
They also can have profoundly negative impacts on a talented scientist's career, if the odds never manage to tip in their favor.
The bulldog is profoundly unnatural in shape and gait.
Once it seemed as if mammals were profoundly different than other vertebrates, for example.
For some, the transition was profoundly destabilizing.
Indeed, some expect that this will profoundly change the nature of creativity itself.
It's so profoundly goofy that it's difficult to know where to start.
All other whales are profoundly different, with teeth instead of baleen.
Also, they were profoundly unwilling to trust doctors and scientific experts.
Sometimes absurd results which fly in the face of plain history and robust theory are profoundly insightful.
The intellectual mind is a linear narrative, so describing time as a linear dimension is profoundly intuitive.
They are attempting to model a profoundly complex system and simply cannot expect to have all the answers.
All of this profoundly challenges our basic understanding of physics and cosmology.
He influenced renowned architects of different centuries and profoundly different aesthetic bents.
Twelve years later, the political landscape appears to be profoundly changed.
Twelve is profoundly guarded about the details of the embargoed book, as it angles for a huge best seller.
Besides the weaponry and the enemy--monstrous, profoundly malevolent bugs--a few other things have changed.
One drug can, in fact, have profoundly different effects in the same patient at different times in his or her life.
Interiors at the museum complement the subject matter so as to profoundly affect visitors' moods.
And once again the answers are profoundly discordant.

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