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The burden of bereavement by suicide can have a profound and lasting emotional impact for family members.
These far-reaching effects illustrate the profound impact air pollution can have on the land.
They exert a profound influence on the ecosystems they inhabit.
By nurturing the environments that nurtured them, they forged a profound interdependence with the natural world.
Liberation from daily life can turn on-the-road slumber into a profound experience.
The unprecedented rate of climate change expected in northern regions has profound implications.
We offered the position to the internal due to the profound lack of choice.
He has written and had published over five profound books on historical southern political and civil rights issues.
The country is in a condition of profound peace as well as of unexampled prosperity.
And for sensibility wide and profound reading does not mean merely a more extended pasture.
The influence of this spelling-book was immediate and profound.
Finally, it traveled to the head, where it produced a profound pain in the sinuses and an even more profound depression.
But the gizmos he carries with him and the images they produce are harbingers of profound change.
It is rather worrying, then, that something profound may be missing from that understanding.
Of course this new technology raises profound challenges for many established companies.
Further progress may generate profound economic change, they say.
Still this book, his first for a non-specialist audience, is a profound one.
The idea that language influences thought is a profound, exciting and possibly disturbing one.
These observations may seem commonplace, but they are actually quite profound.
All the same, profound shifts are quietly under way.
They find great satisfaction in their work, but register profound discontent with the way their firms are run.
But the dramatic changes in the pecking order mask a lack of more profound change in the system of finance itself.
But the political process may in the end prove even more profound.
His declaration of this belief caused, he admitted, profound shock to those who knew him only as a sceptic.
The longer the economic divergence within the euro area persists, the more profound its political consequences.
Either way, it suggests a profound lacuna in biologists' understanding of the world.
There is a profound muddle about what a default would entail.
But the ruling's wider impact is likely to be much more profound.
Its fiscal malaise was too profound to be sorted out by a bridging loan.
There are more profound arguments against a repeat of the grand coalition.
That's important work which could have a profound impact on economic models.
If you work forward, you may invent something profound--or you might not.
Tiny alterations in the atmosphere can produce profound changes in the weather.
The implications for developer time and resources are profound.
Our effects on their culture were profound and devastating.
Over the last decade, his restraint has become more elegant, his reservoir of feeling more profound.
The notion that he was through with us produces a sense of profound disarray-such as he, uniquely, might have expressed in art.
He's a compulsive eater, a round and tubby fellow who has profound self-belief.
More than an ancient artistic impulse, it may signify a profound change in modern human brains.
They found that tiny changes in spore shape produced profound alterations in water droplet shape.
It was so sudden and profound that planetary chemical cycles went haywire for the next several million years.
It's going to have a profound impact on computers everywhere.
Its effects have been profound and tragic for centuries.
The fundamental cause for loneliness, if you are a prophet of the singularity, is probably more profound.
And the change is so profound that the old measures have almost lost their meaning.
It's a profound lesson for designers and people who irrationally fear brain implants.
Whenever there is such profound divergence between law and social practice, it is not society that adapts.
The network's impact was occasionally subtle but always profound.
He was also an artist of epic breadth and profound human sympathy.
Comparing these two famous pieces reveals the profound difference between the two composers.
Alongside all this, the effect on business also would be profound.
From the top steps of grand hotels he elicits profound sociological insights.
Deaths caused by terrorism, on the other hand, can have a profound effect on society and the economy.
Sometimes a concept is baffling not because it is profound but because it is wrong.
Apple's innovations are powerful and profound, but they are often in the realms of design, consumer use and marketing.
Apparently naive questions can often be the start of quite penetrating and profound explorations.
The report barely touches on these profound accountability questions relating, ultimately, to company culture.
It is something both simpler and more profound: a measure of ordinary, everyday life.
The dangers that could arise from mismanaged proliferation are both profound and numerous.
No other transformation presents such profound ethical questions.
The consequences of these surprising rises have been profound.
If so, this would have profound implications for our understanding of life in the universe.
The question of free will versus determinism has profound legal and moral implications.
There are many profound challenges in adjusting to a truly foreign culture, whether it is highly developed or not.
What may have a profound effect on one may have no effect at all on another.
The effect of true forgiveness is so profound, on so many levels.
Divorcing superaccurate timekeeping from the universe it's meant to describe solves no problem and exacerbates a profound one.
Especially agree with the profound thought that precedes a suicide attempt.
Nonetheless, humankind s profound capacity to create and respond to music is unique.
Also interesting is the profound results found from giving terminally ill patients psilocybin.
Religious and cultural beliefs are having a profound affects on our world.
The microbe can cause profound glutathione loss, leaky gut and brain, allowing other toxins to enter the brain no problem.
Nevertheless, a few simple physical process combining snow and wind have a profound effect on our lives.
Oh, and the other great problem with global warming alarmism is a profound lack of perspective.
The writer s addition of the word primordial is nothing but a portentous attempt to pretend to be saying something profound.
It was a profound lesson to learn at the beginning of the sport.
Certainly there are challenges ahead, but there's also profound potential for greatness.
Yet their scientific affinities grew out of profound personal differences.
Its effects were limited to language-but within that narrow sphere, its effects were profound.
He weaves a special magic between an otherwise ordinary jacket using simple words to convey something profound.
Yet her contention, backed up by research, that motherhood is a burden seldom embraced unconditionally has profound implications.
Time is profound as our existence and that of the universe itself, laced with complex information as they are, are profound.
Saying that there are differences among the races or genders is not profound.
Only when you have another scenario in mind that is ruled out is it profound.
The profound truth about philosophy is that it is completely and utterly useless.
My profound condolences go to all his colleagues and loved ones.
It's message about life was as profound and simple, yet hidden by the sinful goodness of the candy.
So many authors, when they take on a profound concept, become dismal and didactic.
It's a profound location with a pervasive sense of despair.

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