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He suggested profiteering at the expense of consumers may have been a factor.
Doing it for the purposes of profiteering is another matter.
Wholesale prices plummeted and high-profile executives were accused of obscene profiteering and insider dealing.
Defensive medicine makes a great cover for profiteering.
So, let's stop harming ourselves in the name of profiteering.
Whatever the government plan is, it is preferable to bank profiteering.
These strictures against profiteering and speculation continue to resonate down the ages.
Such lofty pronouncements notwithstanding, the medical profession has never been immune to knavery and profiteering.
He tried to sue the retailer for profiteering in a local court last month, presenting a picture of the melon plus the receipt.
Price freezes have only been enforced through the arrest of scores of businessmen who are accused of profiteering.
The government should have done more to stop such profiteering.
Mobile phones, cross-border profiteering, corruption and inequality have all flourished.
It is only as innovative as its achievement of its intended purpose to society, rather than it's achievement in profiteering.
The obvious opportunities for profiteering have been taken by some officials in charge of selling the cheap rice.
The subprime lenders are losing a lot of money in the present crunch: they're not exactly profiteering.
True corruption is profiteering through illegal use of power, not getting free dog food and dry cleaning.
Profiteering should be left to the industrialist and private funds.
That's what is known as conventional war profiteering.
Dean was charged with one count each of first degree theft, conspiracy to commit first degree theft, and criminal profiteering.
War and disaster offer great opportunities for profiteering.
Effective strategies that address the lucrative business of trafficking and profiteering are required.
On the other hand, he denounced profiteering and personally adhered to a fair-price schedule.
It also creates the civil offense of illegal profiteering in prescription drugs.

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