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The university would make money if the investments were profitable.
But the repayment of debt requires money made by the profitable production and sale of goods and services.
Even though they are all more profitable with less overhead, they want the control more than the money.
In principle, a stronger yuan would help by making exports less profitable and by giving consumers more spending power.
Profitable business operations may hide activities that add no benefit to the bottom line.
After all, collusion is a profitable side business that sometimes involves even the senior officials at a utility.
They are not profitable any more than any type of transportation infrastructure is profitable.
They will find a way to make off planet jobs and research profitable.
Beekeeping can be a fascinating hobby, a profitable sideline, or a full-time occupation.
In a sign of small-business success, the fund could become profitable in the spring.
So you can attract, engage, and retain more students while achieving profitable growth.
Companies often find it profitable to vary their prices according to customers' willingness to pay.
Pol a part of their family as he plays an integral role in keeping their livestock healthy and their business profitable.
It is extremely profitable for the producer and investor in the absence a high cost of a technologies.
Yelp, which makes the bulk of its revenue from advertising contracts with local businesses, is not yet profitable.
It was these profitable caravans, in fact, that first brought scholars to congregate at the site.
Although it is more profitable to trust, doing so leaves the investor at risk of betrayal.
Some traditional newspaper firms dismiss free papers, saying they are not profitable.
Now they understand that protecting their former prey can be far more profitable.
Turbines often have to be smaller and fewer to minimize these impacts, leading to less profitable projects.
Big sporting events are not as profitable as their hosts expect.
Several companies have tried and failed to make the venture profitable.
Yields are a bit less, but profitable and insurance comes from the diversity.
Wilderness in those days was a commodity to be tamed and brought to profitable service, not admired for its own sake.
But the long-term threat to the highly profitable business of journal publishing is unmistakable.
But then, by some measures, supermarket loss-leaders are also profitable because they bring in customers who buy other products.
Thus they were not unduly frightened by my presence, and observations were extremely profitable.
It is less profitable getting guys up on a tiny or shaded roof to put in a small system.
Those that survive remain ungainly and are not profitable enough.
The kids found selling newspapers was more profitable than begging.
Frequent power cuts make running a productive and profitable business challenging.
At current natural gas prices, it's arguable whether any shale gas play is profitable.
The new clients were profitable, if not as profitable as the borrowers already on their books.
It's all the right stuff for a viable and profitable way to space.
Uh, lets see, maybe its more profitable to do endless research to produce vaccines.
Maybe the really profitable thing would be to write our own students' papers and pocket all the cash.
And all the lines of business that had been profitable before the downturn would be profitable once again.
There is a more profitable model than selling high end tablets.
Poor returns have led some investors to question whether venture capital is still a profitable model.
Education can be profitable to both student and school.
Apple has helped to smash profitable albums into less profitable singles.
Such businesses lack glamour and visibility but can be highly profitable.
Deep staff cuts and wage reductions are unavoidable if the airline is to shrink to a profitable core.
In the normal course of events, following the crowd may be more profitable.
Big and slow is always more profitable than small and fast in the transportation industry.
The strategy is profitable in the long run only if the predator can recoup the losses later.
Paranoia is fun but seldom profitable other than to those selling to the paranoiacs.
The company she founded has been profitable in only one of the last eight years.
Medical research can have big rewards-both in gratifying discoveries and in potentially turning them into profitable treatments.
The method has to be cheap or even profitable to be realistic.
Even plumbers occasionally fail at running a profitable business.
It is in general more profitable to reckon up our defects than to boast of our attainments.
The problem is that owners and players don't benefit equally when football becomes more profitable.
And if the ecosystems were more chaotic than he might have liked, they were also more powerful and more profitable.
In the nineteen-seventies, he wrote one of the first software programs to identify profitable trades.
But the firm says it isn't expecting to be profitable in the next couple of years, when it plans on ramping up its investments.
Now, it may be that there aren't that many profitable lending opportunities at this point.
Farming in the cerrado proved highly profitable and set off an explosive land rush.
Corporations, too, have discovered that energy efficiency can be profitable.
Then large farmers found it more profitable to be even larger and took over others land.
If it isn't tasty and profitable, it's not going to happen.
But you need large-scale application of this technology to make it profitable.
It's getting as profitable as selling dangerous illegal drugs, and many of the same nefarious people are involved.
The results in this case are conclusive but if people are cured they will be less profitable as they'll buy fewer medicines.
While this makes all manufacturers more profitable, humanity will soon no longer be able to meet its global resource requirements.
Not remotely as profitable for the climate-industrial complex, but bearable for us those of us who don't stand to profit.
Nuclear electricity generation was never profitable, as the full costs of development and legacy were never included.
It wouldn't be profitable to single out one, or even a handful, of these sites.
Wind turbine operation is profitable so government subsidy is required only to enhance start-up.
Many others, mostly graphic designers, have turned type design into a profitable sideline.
But the present generation is enough of a subculture to be a source of profitable boutiques and coffeehouses.
He turned the practice into a profitable, smoothly running financial machine.
In the operation of modern markets, disruption of organizations has become profitable.
The inner leaf juices are bitter and cannot have profitable flavour.
They were thinking of this as an extension of their regular line of business into a new profitable area.
The products rolling out of the factories were generally too shabby for profitable export.
But companies are still hunting for ways to make these networks more useful--and profitable.
But no one disputes that high-frequency trading is highly profitable.
GM made only so many and stopped after realizing they would not be profitable, ie too efficient.
Energy innovations that once seemed off-the-charts expensive are becoming potentially profitable alternatives.
The term is often used loosely to describe any investment that looks suspiciously profitable.
New companies that came to market tended to be even more profitable than the blue chips.
The peso's slide was exacerbated by the unwinding of derivatives contracts that had been profitable while the currency was steady.
Buying a stock is betting that a firm will be profitable in the future.
The result is a business that is smaller and less profitable, but also more efficient and innovative.
Lately, though, the strategy has become less profitable.
One of the surprises in the initial prospectus is how small and profitable this business is said to be.
The problem with small cars, from the industry's perspective, is that they are much less profitable.
They shared out a profitable domestic market and gave up competing on price.
Nonetheless, the firms have emerged surprisingly nimble and profitable from recession.
Worse still, emerging markets are not nearly as profitable as rich ones.
Any further investment will be less profitable and that too will be finite.
Such films are profitable partly because their stars do not expect to be paid much, if anything.
For years entertainment insurance has been a small but profitable niche.
Most solid, profitable businesses are developed from rather mundane ideas.
It hasn't been profitable on a full-year basis for two years.
Gasoline inventories have declined as refiners produce other, more profitable fuels and close plants for maintenance.
Fast-food outlets, for instance, are finding that midnight munchers can be a profitable niche.
The company has come up with a ruthlessly efficient way to churn out stories it knows will be profitable online.
Profitable production is risky due the highly variable nature of growing season precipitation.

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