profit taking in a sentence

Example sentences for profit taking

Most of the crowd was enamoured with capital gains, believing in a constant churn of stocks and profit taking.
Profit taking by betting on the spread only depreciates the real value of a company and investments.
The only way they make a profit taking over a government program is to cut services or increase revenue.
Investing is a responsibility, profit taking is a privilege, and kids should be expected to set aside money for charity.
Last week, gold provided additional profit taking opportunities as it reached a seven week high.
Investors turned to profit taking yesterday, leaving stocks mixed after nearly two weeks of solid gains.
While the truth in lending legislation is a good start, further work is required to limit excess profit taking by this industry.
In the short-run, all the grains seem overheated and are probably due for a profit taking correction.
It was not clear how profit taking would impact the overall cost effective calculations of the eight scenarios.
There was discussion about the inflated cost of purchasing environmental lands and the opportunity for profit taking.
The profit taking was expected and did not surprise anyone.
In many years the farmer may have to reinvest all cash back into the farm business without any profit taking.
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