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Example sentences for profit motive

If that profit motive didn't exist, we'd have to rely entirely on government lawyers, especially in consumer protection suits.
Pharma studies can't be trusted because they have a profit motive.
Our medical system and its profit motive are without empathy.
The short-term profit motive is too strong compared to the long-term view that is highly discouraged in private industry nowadays.
Making everyone pay for what they actually use is always good policy: the profit motive encourages conservation.
But regulatory issues aside, the pharmaceutical industry has also had a strong profit motive in avoiding personalizing medicine.
For a viable profit motive, look at all the communications satellites.
If manned space flight had such a profit motive, we'd probably be doing it.
Or that a car dealer's profit motive is to deliver an old clunker instead of the new car you paid for.
The lesson is that it's profit motive that causes people to take action, not altruism or ideals.
If you remain connected to the grid you are held captive by a utility with high operating costs and a profit motive.
The principal one of those factors is, of course, the profit motive.
The poor would be puzzled to hear that the profit motive is in retreat.
The profit motive is a crucial source of discipline.
The question of third-world drugs is undeniably more vexed-but impugning the profit motive is a fatuously inadequate answer.
Without government regulation, the profit motive turns people towards less than ethical activities.
The profit motive-however ugly, sleazy or vulgar-unleashed the caged talents of millions of entrepreneurs.
Think about this way, companies and corporations are not charities, they work on the profit motive.
Finally, there is the profit motive, or lack thereof.
The next step in the agenda is to remove the profit motive permanently.
The point that innovation can be inspired by the profit motive is not under debate from my point of view.
Perhaps the commercial press couldn't break free of the profit motive.
The presence of sophisticated books and records does not automatically equate to profit motive.
Ensure the activity generating the loss has a profit motive and is unrelated.
The lack of a profit motive means people in the government sector have different incentives.
Some have no profit motive at all, yet cause great damage all the same by infringing purposely and irresponsibly.
Generally, the borrower intends to make the loan payments and does not have a profit motive.
The taxpayer must have entered into the activity or continued it, however, with the profit motive.
Because there is no profit motive, accountability is measured instead of profitability.
The profit motive leads private firms to invest in projects that they think will be valued highly enough by users to recoup costs.
May mitigate risk due to lack of profit motive and the elimination of existing mortgage portfolios.
So long as a profit motive exists, an individual does not have to make a profit to be in a trade or business.
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