profit margin in a sentence

Example sentences for profit margin

The amount of revenue required to pay for losses will vary with the profit margin.
Mandatory minimum sentencing has caused an increase in the prison industrial complex, including private prisons, profit margin.
In terms of profit margin, she does better selling chips.
The rising costs have little or nothing to do with an increasing profit margin, but rather the increased cost of services.
Their worries about profit margin should not concern us.
The only thing they're extending is the seller's profit margin.
The higher the occupancy rate, the higher the profit margin.
Compared with their normal drugs, vaccines have an extremely low profit margin.
Add a decent profit margin, and you still have an exceedingly modest price.
Even so, its profit margin is thin-and this week got even thinner.
No, he compresses his profit margin, but still tries to make his sale.
The firm may be faced with a choice between reduced streaming rights or a cut in its hefty profit margin.
Workers can't demand higher wages when profit margin is non-existent.
Cheap foreign scientists and engineers are hired by companies, although here the profit margin is slightly higher.
By evolution these are low profit margin businesses, you can never expect these people or accept to pay them more than that.
The steep price cut may boost the sales number and add to the gross profit but not necessarily its net profit margin.
The important statistic is profit margin per working hour.
By cutting out unnecessary chemical use, growers could help preserve the environment as well as their profit margin.
The plants' revenues are lower than expected and, with the cost structure higher, the profit margin is not being realized.
Reviews profit and loss statements and recommends actions to maintain adequate profit margin.
There is no profit margin in taking deposits and investing in government backed securities.
Without that profit margin there are no credit card companies and in some respects maybe there shouldn't be any at all.
These serve as indicators of the profit margin or lack of profit in feeding animals to market weight.
The comparatively high profit margin of wheat and vegetables is also believed to have pulled acreage away from cotton.
Reducing the compliance costs and tax rate increases the small enterprises profit margin.
These coins are priced low and have a high profit margin.
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