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After figuring your business income and expenses, you are ready to figure the net profit or net loss from your business.
The old imperialism-exploitation for foreign profit-has no place in our plans.
He promoted crocodile farming and the harvesting of wild eggs as a way for landowners to profit from having crocs on their land.
Moviemaking has been the almost exclusive dominion of large organizations usually driven more by profit than by stories.
Over the last few years it is almost impossible to make a profit on our various farm operations.
Describes how he rebuilt vintage airplanes and sold them for a substantial profit to keep his crater project going.
And each time, people have said the film couldn't make a profit.
Such a system allows efficient users to profit while wasteful users must pay for burning more fuel.
Generally no series turns a profit for its producers until it goes into syndication-many years after the initial, high investment.
Pharmaceutical firms are profit-making enterprises, which often earn huge profits from proprietary drugs.
Notwithstanding their cries of outrage at damage awards, they will not go out of business as long as they are making a profit.
Funding for authors' advances may be provided by external investors hoping for a profit, as is done for films and plays.
Of course profit was essential to their survival, but it was not the primary purpose of their existence.
At some state colleges-and in the for-profit sector-the majority gives up long before graduation day.
He was hardly indifferent to the success he could achieve, but it was not a matter of profit alone.
Nothing extra can be charged for, but making a profit is fine.
Yet it is not clear whether the makers of these screens will ever be able to again eke out a profit.
Its managers are rewarded according to the accounting profit of the bank.
If exchange rates today were the same as those in forward contracts, there would be an opportunity for riskless profit.
It also thrives on exploitation of people and the environment for short-term profit.
She went into business selling phone calls to other villagers, making a small profit on each call.
Companies have considerable discretion over when they book a profit or set aside reserves against a future loss.
The transaction returns the cost to the producers and generates profit to middlemen and financiers.
Most corporations try to make a profit by limiting costs.
Consider a society in which everybody was a profit-maximizer.
In fact, micro-lending spread to countries around the world, both as nonprofit and for-profit enterprises.
Faced with declining profit margins, investors are fleeing.
Value capture is essentially the profit after labor is subtracted.
In the short term a transition to renewables might reduce their companies' profit margins.
But what was so much improved when the company had never made a profit, and was scheduled to run out of money in.
But the profit-hiring gap isn't a temporary side-effect of the post-recession economy.
It is not a non-profit foundation's right to intervene.
Online courses, particularly those at for-profit colleges, have been pilloried for their high dropout rates.
Yes, the graduation rates at two-year for-profit colleges exceed those at two-year public colleges.
One reader had hoped that the new book would be a road map for realizing for-profit education's possibilities.
Global college rankings, and global for-profit universities, are booming.
Two weeks ago a recruiter from a for-profit college called to discuss a position.
Information on accessing data on non-profit organizations.
Of course, having a profit would probably make it easier to actually contribute something.
Over the last few years, not-for-profit employment has expanded rapidly.
Questions of capitalism vs altruism come to mind, though it's not a necessarily a question of profit vs non-profit.
His purpose today is to announce that their company is on track to turn a profit by early fall, a major milestone.
Essentially, this does what used to be considered impossible: enabling copyright holders to profit from copyright infringement.

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