profiling in a sentence

Example sentences for profiling

But genetic profiling could let physicians know immediately which patient will respond to which drug.
Thoughts on color management, and monitor and camera profiling, and color gamut would be really appreciated.
Today almost everyone views such blatant ethnic profiling as foolish and cruel.
Their practices are successfully based on profiling.
He thinks airports should use dogs and continue with profiling.
The second reason is to overcome the public mania about ethnic profiling.
First is protein profiling, taking tissue specimens and trying to identify and characterize all the proteins.
There are issues with this beyond the obvious one of making tracking and profiling incredibly easy.
Eventually a profiling tool will emerge that can take advantage of the data out there.
They also use it as a means of profiling air pressure, temperature, and moisture in the atmosphere.
It also includes a lot of new lenses in its profiling section.
Surely you didn't profile everyone worth profiling already.
There are several ways in which web searchers can protect themselves from surveillance and data-profiling by search engines.
The squad uses computer profiling to spot patterns and to act preventively.
The level of personal profiling going on without your knowledge or consent or control is enormous now.
Think of it as a kind of fiscal discrimination, or financial profiling.
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