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If nothing else, he's found a good way to enhance his profile.
That's why they had this strange combination with profile and frontal with drawings of people.
In fact, you may be shocked to see what your profile says about you.
Actively profile anyone who drinks more than two drinks a day.
The low profile tires hold less air and thus need checking and refilling more often.
Both pieces of information would become part of your updated social genome, your profile of likes and dislikes.
Even the mountain's two-lump profile changes, depending on where you're looking at it from.
Rosemary plants have varying amounts of camphor in their fragrance profile.
The doctor might then prescribe a product that is more effective and better tolerated for her genetic profile.
Personalized ads, with your seal of approval, may now appear on your friends' profile pages.
The rocky formations in the background remind me of a facial profile.
Errors will be huge for such a low profile in skeleton.
New museums with bold architecture have long been an easy way of raising a city's profile.
Each had an anonymous profile and was matched with health buddies.
Such studies are accompanied by high-profile testimonials.
Dyslexia-specific brain activation profile becomes normal following successful remedial training.
We select a short radar profile to send along to them.
For example, an acquaintance proudly stated in her online dating profile that she was wearing no makeup in her shots.
The profile can help determine your risk for heart disease.
It has improved its funding profile, too, replacing tens of billions of short-term debt with long-term debt and deposits.
The first shift involves people's profile pages, which hold biographical details about them.
The multiyear awards and additional aid were two of the higher-profile measures put in place last fall.
Suddenly, what had been a low-profile mission was now a high-profile accident.
What is striking in the bulk of the material on smoking motivation is the emergence of a profile of the nonsmoker.
Here brain physiology maps neatly onto psychological profile, thus demonstrating that the brain is indeed fate.
The cure is to keep a lower profile and be more generous with money and know-how in helping other economies to rise.
As scientists peered at bits of brain under their microscopes, though, they encountered other cells that did not fit the profile.
Even with inevitable delays in its budget profile, it would have been running by now.
It shows a lack of thoughtfulness about the profile that you're writing.
It has been around long enough and has a high enough profile that it's easy to forget that.
He has a high profile and a real standing in the world.
The event is expected to attract high profile leaders from around the globe.

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