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Example sentences for proficiency

Geographic knowledge increases through travel and language proficiency, among other factors.
Our sharpshooters have taken firearms safety courses and regularly qualify with the weapon proficiency.
Artists tended to aim for a popular audience with as much technical proficiency as possible.
He still retains a pretty high level of mechanical and technical proficiency.
Handedness reflects our brain's bilateral organization, which goes hand-in-hand with our proficiency with language.
If true, that would mean they possessed general proficiency with firearms but no military experience.
The result is a proficiency that leaves the lasting impression of vanishing ink.
The new version will also ask for more-detailed information about language proficiency.
We provide immediate feedback on proficiency and give step-by-step explanations of every problem.
Additional consideration will be given to applicants with proficiency in a foreign language.
They are expanding their exposure and proficiency which leads to the goal of contributing something new.
Proficiency with computer systems including statistical packages.
The twist to this is the proficiency, a perk of sorts for your weapon.
Proficiency in organic chemistry may still be a necessary condition for getting into medical school.
Brief description of the traditional bowhunter proficiency shoot.

Famous quotes containing the word proficiency

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