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Example sentences for professor

He had the studious intensity of a college professor and the hands of a dirt gardener.
Picture a college student appealing for a higher grade in his professor's office.
If every professor who backed a lunatic politician were to be sacked, half the interesting minds in academia would be lost.
The task of a business-school professor is to meet students somewhere in the middle.
Whatever you produce joins dozens of other efforts in a stack whose growing thickness doesn't exactly thrill your professor.
After the reviewers provide commentary, the journal editor forwards this feedback to the professor, who makes corrections.
It would have been the word of a professor against that of a total unknown.
The real lesson, of course, is that it's awesome to be a professor.
Many people who have tried it have discovered that it is much more fun for both the students and the professor.

Famous quotes containing the word professor

I don't know how you feel, professor, but I feel like a knife that's just stabbed a friend in the back.... more
He's a professor, see? You know, learns in how they talk in foreign countries. I don't know what good it do... more
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