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And finally pantyhose give a sophisticated, polished, finished or professional appearance.
Recently, however, researchers have conducted the first brain-imaging studies of both amateur and professional dancers.
He hoped to find some new method of making a living and aspired to become a professional breeder of ferrets.
If verbalism were confined to professional philosophers, no harm would be done.
Again non-professional influences had the upper hand.
The professional hunt staff was furious, but members of the hunt field cheered.
Professional armies by their nature tend to be costly and small, necessitated by economics and limited human willingness.
These can be taken broadly or grouped into a specialisation or professional track.
The moral values that business people should adhere to are universal ones, not a professional code.
Let's try genuinely independent, professional boards of directors.
The local borough council delivers an increasingly professional-looking newsletter.
Because researchers have measured the actual blood alcohol level of fans leaving professional football and baseball games.
Please consult a professional with good references if you have a bed bug concern.
The thinking is that a self-driving car would have to be as good as a professional race car driver for normal folks to accept it.
Results are vetted at professional conferences and in peer-reviewed journals.
Centralized and professional operations can be made efficient.
Their behavior often causes major financial problems that impair their personal and professional relationships.
If you can't get that concept then you need professional help.
If you aren't sure whether you have bed bugs, many bed bug exterminators can give your home a professional inspection.
The professional education follows and benefits of this system.
It allows your employees to look more professional and it also advertises your company to the general public.
All were professional wrestlers with bulging muscles on sculpted bodies.
Teachers will have access to professional development.
You'll get professional-quality page layouts in a free easy-to-use program.
He has yet to play his first official professional game and obviously has an even longer wait now.
It's also a great way to start building a professional network.
These programs provide educational experiences emphasizing professional and personal knowledge, development and integrity.
If your budget is as tight as mine is, ask any friends who have professional clothing for a peek in their closet.
It is quite natural to seek professional help for what may well be the largest investment of their lives.
Inability or unwillingness to answer questions in a creative, professional way.
Agreeing to write a letter for a student does involve putting a part of one's professional reputation on the line.
Compact cameras with fast, professional-style lenses have been blowing up big time in the past year.
It is designed for use in applications such as professional graphics and in government, finance or home offices.
But hiring professional ship-protectors beats the alternative: an endless, pointless military exercise.
Photos were submitted by both professional and amateur photographers.
Her name became known to geologists worldwide, and she became a professional fossil hunter.
She and her husband are professional snake removers.
These games marked the first time professional athletes were permitted to compete.
Your guide must be a professional to be able to hold a piranha and look at its teeth so that he will not get bitten.
She is a former professional cook as well as a digital and traditional artist with many major film credits.
They advanced rapidly, from industrial jobs to clerical jobs to professional work.
In my view, it is unacceptable to submit to one in public while wearing the uniform of a professional airline pilot.
More than any other professional sport, football is primarily a television show.
Today computers are standard tools for amateur and professional literary investigators alike.
It's an ongoing effort with a successful balance of professional and citizen curators, writers, and fact checkers.
Civil servants with professional degrees do worse than their private-sector counterparts, the others do better.
She is not a professional reporter and needs support.
It was a working language, the language of the church and professional elites everywhere.
It was an amazing group of people: a lot of us went on to become professional writers, though not necessarily of poetry.
One of our internal values is the nimble yet professional risk-taking entrepreneur.
Fraternity brothers aside, few segments of the population have more nicknames than professional athletes.
Four were boys and three of them became professional writers.
He may be disorganized and inadequate in his personal life, but his professional instincts are superb.
Both the album's themes and how it was made suggest a model that may become increasingly popular: the semi-professional musician.
Alicia has done one job well, managed her family life, but she has a lot of catching up to do in the professional realm.
Football is over, baseball players are yet to report, and professional basketball and hockey are months from games that matter.
The editors-and the critics themselves-make a strong case for professional and thoughtful criticism.
Brady tossed off printable, forgettable sentences with professional ease.
The line between amateur and professional astronomer has always been thin.
But ordinarily, such pre-embargo access is only given to professional journalists.
And it converts automatically to a pillow during the frequent and sudden naps that litter the workday of the professional thinker.
There are plenty of great ways for non-professional scientists to help out scientific projects.
But those conscious creations are developed by professional linguists, and linguistics itself is barely a few centuries old.
Anyone who has ever seen a professional basketball game is surely aware of the broad range of adult human body sizes.
Plus, it made me feel all growed-up and professional to use real video editing software.
Which helps explain why they have revolutionized amateur, professional, and scientific photography and image sensing.
Trying to change the professional priorities of the community is going to be viewed as insensitive.
Try sounding a little more professional in your writing by not using vulgar language in your articles.
Okay, lets take a look at this from an actual professional's opinion.
His professional success is, naturally, no surprise.
Some willingly indoctrinated professional students, living off of government grant money came up with a clever name for a website.
As a foreigner, and a kind of amateur scholar, he sees in art works what professional academics and natives do not.
The right-to-left transfer could also be demonstrated for various real-life professional skills, which take years to acquire.
She, in turn, seems unconvincingly fatalistic about their romantic and professional futures.
She urged him to write about the personal as well as the professional side of her husband and to include his lighter moments.
Alternately tough-talking and professional, the district attorney is about forty.
Eventually their professional and personal lives would merge, and out of that came new creative and business ideas.
T he idea that the office is a specific place where our professional lives happen is becoming less universal, and less important.
The idea that the office is a specific place where our professional lives happen is becoming less universal, and less important.
In fact, many forgeries by professional artists still test positive for being modified.
It's working for you and your personal and professional quest for truth.
Pay to have a professional spot problems and fix them.
After so many years in the trenches, perhaps that sort of detail vanishes into the fog of time and professional frustration.
She hasn't had such a notorious professional lapse since then.
He exhibited a taste for kitsch and spectacle unrivaled in professional sports.
Renew your professional or business license online.
There are several high-quality online resources on professional development that have been reviewed by an expert panel.
Sustained professional development is vital for everyone who affects student learning.

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