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Example sentences for profess

It doesn't seem to matter what the faith, so long as our leaders profess some religion, any religion.
Firms profess to be unworried by recession, since whisky they make now cannot be sold for years anyway.
Even, a profess volcanologist could not answer exactly.
If he did not profess a faith of any kind it does not refute his findings.
Fox encouraged her to use an exotic accent and profess her interest in mysticism and the occult.
The leaders, however, profess to be satisfied with present conditions and claim that ultimate victory will be theirs.
Tenure has proved to be an imperfect shield, notwithstanding what administrations profess to guarantee.
The four established parties profess to be unconcerned about this new rival.
It bothers me when people profess to believe in a scientific theory.
The people profess to be much gratified at the prospect of this work of development.
We don't get angry when people profess low ideals and behave better.
He scorns poverty experts who profess to know more about the subject than the people who live it.
Even people who profess not to care much for organised labour say they voted against the legislation.
People profess distrust of the government, but routinely demand services from it.
Both profess an inability to understand why the other is running.
Most folks who profess opinions such as yourselves have no problem with this.
The former wittingly or unwittingly profess nihilism.
For starters, many people profess to have coulrophobia, the fear of clowns.
Some places profess so much difficulty that they have concluded the administrative costs outweigh the benefits.
We've gathered to celebrate the life of a great president in a church where believers profess their faith.
Finally, there are those who profess boredom at all this discussion even as they participate in it.
We profess the same religion, and fight for the same cause with the primitive martyrs.
Large majorities profess support for fundamental change.
They swear no oaths, take care of no patients, and profess no high-minded ethical duties.
They also tend to have been born into an established religious order but to profess a lack of religious belief prior to joining.
Conversely, when poverty-minded superiors are allowed to let their own medical problems go untreated, people profess horror.
In fact, they profess they have no new tricks up their sleeves at all.

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