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Factory employment has been slower to recover than output, since productivity has risen.
So remember that rising productivity means getting more output for less input.
The numerator of the productivity equation, output, is hopelessly vague for services.
But as productivity soared, wages and job opportunities stagnated.
Total factor productivity attempts to measure the overall productivity of the inputs used by a firm or a country.
Productivity elsewhere doubled or tripled over the same period.
The artist's productivity soared in his new surroundings.
Marta is not my only neighbor who is outraged by the productivity of her tomato plants.
The lighting was cut back to normal and productivity still went up.
Over the long run economic growth depends on two things: increases in the supply and productivity of labour.
Learn about each of the partners in this collaborative effort to restore the ocean's health and productivity.
Your boss is lecturing you on how to enhance your productivity.
The patty pan squash are finally decreasing their productivity.
Cross-country flights are graveyards for productivity.
It marked a sea change in thinking about work and productivity.
The findings are important to ensure continued productivity of farms and forests.
He also planned to raise his plot's productivity by fertilizing it.
We need to increase our productivity through a better trained workforce and better infrastructure.
Critics wonder why the software giant doesn't show the productivity and profitability its software promises users.
The private sector has revolutionised productivity by getting customers to do more things for themselves.
Such wetlands are comparable to rain forests and coral reefs in their biological diversity and productivity.
The upside is, more lighting means more productivity.
Higher prices in those areas, above what productivity gains can justify, are driving much of the progress slowdown.
That's one reason the productivity and diversity of the forests are so high.
Traces of barite in marine sediments give an indication of the ocean's productivity throughout the ages.
But slower productivity growth will raise the risk that overly loose monetary policy translates into higher inflation.
Moreover, each of these measures can be calculated in two ways: total productivity and first-author productivity.
The revolution, defined as transition from animal-based labor to machines that manufacture goods, vastly increased productivity.
Also important is condition, which depends on the productivity of the tribe who made it.
Faster productivity growth could help to mitigate the slowdown, but it does not seem to be forthcoming.
Information on climate change and how it will affect the abundance, diversity, and productivity of marine populations.
There is another way in which the higher minimum wage could produce higher productivity.
Ecologically healthy levels of biodiversity are essential to agricultural productivity.
Without printing, prices would gradually decline over long periods of time, as productivity improved.
Support our efforts to restore health and productivity to the ocean, the world's largest natural resource.
Over long periods of time, real wages tend to track average productivity growth.
Creating a dissertation-support group made up of fellow doctoral students can enhance your productivity.
There's a simple idea about productivity and writing: almost anything you need to do, you can do in a plain text file.
The only remedies are a period of wage restraint combined with structural reforms aimed at boosting productivity.
Flood plains that are prevented from flooding have significant drops in productivity over time.
Second, new technologies must increase human productivity and ease of use.
Hacker team has our own history with a range of productivity texts and tools.
Even for writers not on a deadline, a dead battery is curtains for the easy productivity afforded by computers.
Economists will tell you that productivity increases go hand-in-hand with increases in the standard of living.
In the first, they considered only idle land or land with marginal productivity.
The chart below displays private sector productivity and real wage series for this recession.
Spread the benefit of productivity to everyone by breaking the concentration of wealth, increase pay and reduce the work week.
It was the job of the managers, he told them, to improve that productivity by refining the processes the workers had to perform.
More than differences in ecosystem integrity explain this wide gap in productivity.
Because warehouses operate under strict productivity measures, the data platform is already in place for a rigorous study.
Yet the productivity gap cannot be dismissed, and part of it can doubtless be explained by a lack of capital.
Your wages increase over your life-time even as your productivity declines past middle-age.
We're taking too much of the productivity of the ocean.
Indeed, big, heavily subsidized programs are rarely good for productivity.
Instead they need a combination of lower real wages, lower input prices and higher productivity.
Differences in productivity are one explanation of this.
But it also tilted the country towards unskilled sorts of work, where productivity is low.
The steady shrinking of the state-owned sector will also boost productivity by ensuring a better use of resources.
But with increased worker productivity came the incredible paranoia that meth, more than any other drug, is known for.
Economic growth is a function of the size of the workforce, the amount of capital employed and the rise in productivity.
But four years on, the complaint is that the policy has destroyed the work ethic and damaged productivity.
High-speed broadband is the essential infrastructure for increasing productivity.
First, low wages go hand in hand with low productivity.
It inspires the initiative that makes our productivity the wonder of the world.
If luscious diversity characterizes the tropical east, then in the domain of the western potentate productivity is king.
The goal of cutting such taxes is to raise investment and productivity.
Excess population swallowed any gains in economic productivity.
While you're in grad school, establish a track record of productivity by writing papers.
If you want productivity, stop funding the unproductive.
However, funding in academia is never as tightly connected to real-world productivity as it is in private industry.
As the definition of the workplace changes, dramatic increases in productivity could be ahead.
New digital media and wireless technologies have transformed the cell phone into a portable entertainment and productivity center.
Perhaps future tablets will challenge the productivity of a laptop, but clearly not today.
Poor health is a double-whammy which cuts productivity and earning power, as it increases costs to accommodate for therapies.
Manufacturing loses appear to be linked to big gains in manufacturing productivity.
The eco projects usually are more expensive and drain investment money away from other productivity gains.
There are some indications that farm productivity is now levelling off.
Such longer-term investment will create domestic jobs and is likely, if managed well, to stimulate higher productivity.
Productivity growth accelerated due to what economists call secular, rather than cyclical, factors.
One-third said it is undercutting their productivity at work or school.
Unfortunately, productivity and general navigation don't live up to the hardware's promise.
But the company is hoping to set its storefront apart with the availability of more productivity and business-focused software.
The more acidic the water, the higher biological productivity becomes, and the denser the amount of life.
One simply has to establish a new definition of productivity, such as how many new uses for bricks have been identified.
We know that these technologies are the driver for productivity and the economy.
Workaholism besides being a avoidance behavior, decreases our productivity.
The productivity of biofuels could be increase five fold if hydrogen were added to the process.
We suffer higher medical bills, reduced productivity, property damage and premature mortality because of fossil fuel pollution.
New technology has engendered increases in productivity that will continue to make an enormous difference in our living standards.
Low investment means fewer jobs and weaker productivity growth.
Again, productivity declines, especially for business travelers.
The skills they possess underpin the technological advances that drive improvements in productivity and living standards.
Productivity-obsessed corporate boards aren't behind rising health care costs.
Because industrial workers are concentrated in groups, systematic work on their productivity was possible.
Coffee intake and resulting minutes of productivity.
Because their productivity and skill sets more than offset their higher costs.
Air pollution raises health-care costs and lowers workers' productivity.
The second is that it does its job too well: it keeps people so connected that it winds up hurting productivity.
But their deeper problem stems from a decade when wage growth ran far ahead of productivity gains.
He is an expert on inflation, unemployment and productivity growth.
Governments should allow markets to do what they do best: innovate and increase productivity.
Inexpensive data on the productivity of land is valuable to governments, too.
There is evidence that, from a productivity standpoint, firms get less value from older workers.
Rich countries have much higher productivity and hence higher wages in the traded-goods sector than poor countries do.
The price for having a large grey economy can be much lower productivity.
The first result was a sharp rise in traffic and productivity and fall in freight costs.
Because productivity is low and operating costs are high, earnings are meagre.
Instead, it largely reflects rapid productivity growth.
The problem with politics is that they measure economic success by jobs created rather than productivity and efficiency.
Most innovations increase productivity and improve the general standard of living.
Clean water and sanitation could raise the quality of human capital, thereby lifting labour productivity.
It will unleash a cascade of innovation and productivity gains.
Modest increases in food and agricultural prices above past trends can help generate investment and foster productivity.
Whatever the reason, one result is that productivity is rising, cushioning profit margins.
Instead, contemplate the prospect of slow growth and low productivity, rising public spending and labour shortages.
Add so many people to the workforce and average productivity would probably fall.
Rapid productivity gains and tepid wage growth have meant relatively fat profits for the corporate sector.
Productivity has continued to rise, exports are growing, and businesses are investing in new equipment.
With a boom in productivity in manufacturing, firms are able to produce more with fewer workers.
In manufacturing, productivity has been solid, meaning factories can produce more with fewer people.
Some feel many companies slow down production during the summer months, causing productivity to fall.
Even if you're prepared to live off the grid with no impact on your productivity, that won't be the case for everyone.
These movements disrupted productivity and caused horrific loss of life.
Furthermore, long-term growth is propelled by productivity gains, not by consumer spending.
Such visibility is essential to improving productivity and accountability.
Food industry input costs, profits, and productivity largely determine the price of food products when they reach the consumer.

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