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Compared with grains, tubers are inherently more productive.
The gradual mechanization of the mines eliminated many jobs, and some of the area's productive coal seams have been exhausted.
Our workers are no less productive than when this crisis began.
His estates are admirably managed, and are far more productive of corn than those of others.
It made the culture more productive-for a time, anyway.
And that resourceful, productive people overcome obstacles without blaming others.
They also play a critical role in channelling savings into productive investments.
In many cases, my correspondents have requested anonymity because they have gone on to become productive members of society.
Public participation and transparency are essential to operating dangerous but productive technology.
They have as little to do with productive activity as high-stakes blackjack.
Many kinds of piracy are useful and productive, either to create new content or foster new ways of doing business.
But now the productive potential of millions of plugged-in enthusiasts is attracting the attention of old-line businesses, too.
We think the only reason people do productive things is to snag a carrot or avoid a stick.
The exchange of talent for the good life made for an extraordinarily productive relationship between the state and the scientists.
It's easy to imagine that our whiz-bang gadgets have made us more productive than ever.
His was a long and productive life of heroic proportions.
But on the negative side, many won't have jobs to occupy their days and won't be productive in terms of work.
It seems to be a backward process rather than productive that can be distorted by bureaucracies.
If approved, it could make a prostate-cancer patient's visit to the doctor's office much more productive.
Stronger, more consistent winds improve the capacity factor, making turbines highly productive and less intermittent.
Both ideas protect individual citizens and corporations for a healthy and productive society.
Apple has made its money by offering products that make the lives of millions of people easier and more productive.
Sitting on the sidelines and criticizing is not productive.
And if a society's individuals are more productive, you might suppose, the society itself is more productive.
Some of the measures taken in response, such as export restrictions, have been highly counter-productive.
Third, overload can also make workers less productive.
Money can now be circulated without ever entering again the productive cycle.
The ample productive capacity left idle by the crisis meant firms could expand without making big investments.
And millions of brains have been put to more productive use.
Having lots of boffins does not matter, though, if they are not productive.
The second was that healthy workers are more productive.
But the process is not particularly productive, given the present output of solar panels, and it is costly.
It helps, therefore, if people shift from less productive occupations to more productive ones.
Optimists see this as an opportunity to put money to productive use.
The important distinction is not between manufacturing and services, but between productive and unproductive jobs.
Some productive members of society-such as this correspondent-work in them, and others date in them.
Some reckon the economy has been knocked on to a lower, less productive path.
For one thing, they invest more, employ more skilled people and are more productive.
They need to do two things: invest in the productive capacity of agriculture and improve the operation of food markets.
The result of this trading is a market that has done what markets do: allocate resources to more productive use.
Local artisans soon learned the technique themselves, which gave rise to centuries of rich and productive inventiveness.
Better they return as good neighbours and productive citizens.
For all its excesses, it allocates resources to where they are productive better than any central planner ever could.
Some of its mines are nearing the end of their productive lives.
It is something on which a nation agrees to lose money so that it has functioning, productive citizens down the road.
Information is of no use if it cannot be put to productive use.
Not easy to realize, convince admin and so on, but still done in expectation of delayed but productive research collaboration.
Consistent, regular input can help you break through stagnant periods, and harness the productive ones.
Then again, the psychology department had some productive researchers with areas of interest that overlapped my own.
They owned a strong and productive horse with one flaw, its need for expensive oats.
Being able to, in effect, select one's students makes life so much more pleasant and productive.
The collaboration was a disaster, when all signs going in was that it would be successful and productive.
Uneducated people make less money and pay less taxes and are less productive and more subject to media manipulation.
The learning environment should be safe and productive.
It's the reason he's stuck around so long and been so productive: he's a tough guy.
It was the kind of speech that might have turned ugly events in a productive direction.
My drive to be productive probably cost me my first marriage and a few days ago almost cost me my fiancée.
In abstraction the strategy made sense, and it was the obvious choice-indeed, the only potentially productive one remaining.
They were already edible and productive in the wild.
Great, there goes what was shaping up to be a productive day.
Random-walking based on the finding charts was not productive.
Becoming fluent in one of the dominant languages opens up the world of knowledge, making people more efficient and productive.
When television came out there was this same push to try and make television productive.
On a personal note, it's also been a productive and busy week.
Some growers are simply trying to buy time by feeding infected trees extra nutrients to extend their productive lives.
But all work and no play might make us, well, less productive.
Studying the genome of this lineage and comparing it with randomly selected bonobos might be a productive line of investigation.
Some people are more productive than others on a personal level.
The regions where planets are being created are incredibly chemically productive, rapidly generating new compounds.
Yes, environment changes will mean that some farmland will become less productive while other areas become more productive.
People are already outliving their productive lives, simply consuming energy, water and food resources.
In order for a frog to morph into a lizard, it is going to need its genes to do some pretty wild and crazy productive mutations.
Places that were not viable for humans to live will become productive.
Adding vitamins, therefore, would be counter-productive.
Bacteria are a simple life form, yet are incredibly productive and efficient.
Fed appropriately the fruit will ripen and at the appropriate time be productive.
It seems to me that the idealism of being able to duplicate nature's steaks is misguided and counter productive.
Throw in the towel and start digging ditches, or anything productive.
In the sea this is borne out by the observed fact that highly productive upwelling areas are more acidic.
The increasing population increasingly occupies what was once productive arable land.
For many who feel they're beyond their productive years, life is about finding these activities.
Perhaps, with the increased demand for corn and other agricultural products, some of this land may stay as productive farmland.
If you drag that into next week, it's counter-productive.
We have a productive offense and defense and think we're going to pitch well.
It is the flower of an astoundingly productive and innovative period of scholarship.
But take the extreme case, and suppose that the extra year brought no gain in productive skills.
It should certainly mean a more productive society, one that can unlock the talents of all its citizens, without prejudice.
Employers in turn may be less willing to invest in workers they think might be absent frequently or less productive.
They're also counter-productive to the functioning of large, stable social groups.
But maintaining the restrictions has been counter-productive for democracy.
In fact your productive alphabetic character abilities incur breathed in me over commence my own web log today.
Global financial markets have few incentives to equip poor countries to be globally productive.
And there is no reason to believe that anything productive happened as a result of all of that.
Yet a large and growing portion of our workforce isn't equipped to be productive.
Being able to teach law or speak eloquently does not mean that he will be able to be a productive president.
College must make many students more productive workers.
They are ideals of constructing peaceful and productive relationships with neighbors.

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