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Example sentences for production line

With scan times of less than a second, the system is fast enough to be used on a production line.
The idea of the production line is echoed in his use of printmaking, in which many copies of the same image can be reproduced.
The interesting point is the mechanism of how this production line of theses got the huge attention.
To do so, a laser reader could be mounted at the end of a production line.
The easiest step would be to slow down the production line.
Small, welded shut, easily manufactured on a production line type reactors.
May need lots more work to be production line ready, but it's an intriguing idea.
But if it can get a certain kind of amino acid from the environment, that information shuts down its own production line.
The production line could produce two bombs a week, more were in the pipe line.
Whole new production line would be required for each redesigned component.
The first templates could start rolling off the production line as early as next year.
All the while the other aircraft in their production line have been dramatically improved and the work continues.
The metal-silicon films curl up slightly, which makes them somewhat difficult to handle on a conventional production line.
Continues only fifth-generation aircraft production line operating at full rate production.
The company takes pre-sale orders and then, when enough demand is generated, the production line is fired up.
On ordinary days they transport parts from storage to the production line.
It opened last summer, but not enough cars came off the production line to meet a huge surge of early orders.
Complex communications and loose hierarchies sound much more fun than life on the traditional production line.
There is nothing to be gained from tolerating defects on the production line or mistakes in the operating theatre.
Its production line starts with a so-called precursor: a fibre spun from a polymer.
They could take the power to the process, which could even be laid out along a production line and set in motion.
But it will be some years before the first chips roll off the production line.
Elsewhere, firms are feeling the knock-on effects of unrest in any part of a global production line.
Take production line efficiency and marry it with fresh, well-prepared food.
Overhead conveyors quickly move them from receiving docks to their proper places along the vast production line.
Joe, the plant manager was reviewing plans for a new production line.
These items usually have a traditional production line operation.
Product is then graded, continuously, off the production line.
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