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It takes no account of the depreciation of capital goods, and so overstates the value of production.
His production is inconsequential and unmoving as a result.
Demonstrated ability to collaborate successfully as a member of a production team and as a member of an academic program.
Because machines and foreign workers can perform the same work more cheaply, the cost of production falls.
Despite high prices, crude oil production has stayed basically flat for roughly five years.
Progress on cellulosic biofuel production has been slow and risky.
The photographer uses movie production techniques to create.
Bloom extends from midsummer to frost if spent flowers are removed to halt seed production add to my plant list.
Knowledge is becoming the one critical factor of production.
First, it would limit future production to more closely match demand in each specialty.
For some reason, people find the idea of a production economy intuitively appealing.
In fact, the region's value to the nation as a tourist destination likely exceeds that of its rice production.
Because spindle production dwindles with age, the findings could explain why older people frequently complain of poor sleep.
Agricultural markets are dynamic, prices reflect scarcity, and production and consumption can change.
All this super-local food production inspired our team to brew their first gallons of beer.
The tools of professional sound production keep getting faster, cheaper, and smaller.
The ability to offer additional courses in digital video production would be a plus.
Innovations in transportation, energy production and technology will have to keep pace with a host of challenges.
It has already destroyed citrus production in many parts of the world.
Industrial production in the rich world collapsed during the crisis.
The ideas on enclosure spread to other areas of production and the rise of modern capitalism began.
Commercial production could be carried out by a company that collected coffee grounds from big coffee-chains and cafeterias.
The company says production costs are kept to a minimum because they require less silicon.
Though film production has expanded again, profits remain scarce.
Scientists have recently started to focus more on how changes in the land can influence methane production in lakes.
Vigorous, compact, upright growth and remarkably heavy flower production make it a choice landscape plant.
But to cope with today's boom, yields will have to rise much faster, or farmers will have to bring more land into production.
How long the stressed marshes can maintain that production is anybody's guess.
Plants take two to three years to come into full production.
More acres going into organic production is actually good for the poor and for all future generations.
Sparse production of reddish yellow flowers nearly year-round, with heaviest bloom in spring.
These processes often have to be done by hand, because production volumes in small firms are too low for automation.
Water pollution from shallow coal-bed methane production is muddying the reputation of the world's cleanest fossil fuel.
Remove faded blossoms to prevent them from setting seed and to ensure continued flower production.
The amount of corn used for ethanol production has soared.
Sparse production of reddish yellow more add to my plant list.
That's because the government both subsidises domestic production and penalises imports.
Leaf production stops when flowers come into bloom, so pinch out flower spikes as they form.
Cut faded flowers to prolong bloom and lessen production of seedpods.
Periodic pruning maintains the pattern and encourages fruit production.
But the end product didn't amount to a hill of beans to many traders-they wanted the means of production.
Also in question is the total amount of money the company will need for its production car venture.
My discipline is communications, specifically film, television and radio production and criticism.
That's why the big corporations keep switching production to the countries that have the cheapest labor.
Human intervention can shatter the balance of energy production and consumption.
As with any production of this magnitude, there are also the inevitable glitches and hiccups.
You'll get the best fruit production if the tree is grown outdoors in summer and brought indoors before the first frost in fall.
Steel production has increased by one-third in the last five years.
After exchanging many hands, the theatre reopened after renovation and hosted its first production season this year.
Cut out flowering stems to encourage leaf production.
Increasing size has been accompanied by the introduction of more sophisticated production methods.
Food production might not be reduced because land is cleared to enable food production that might not otherwise be cleared.
They were outvoted by the farm lobby, which chose to curb production via quotas so as to boost prices.
Do away government subsidies to oil production and replace it with a government subsidy to produce another large oil refinery.
Robots do consume energy and resources but these are inputs to production.
Meat consumption is rising worldwide, but production involves vast amounts of energy, water and emissions.
Another type is meant to stimulate root growth, stem vigor, and flower and fruit production.
At today's production levels, both vehicles are in short supply and the automakers have thousands of consumers on waiting lists.
It is up to the countries involved in palm oil production to regulate the industry and budget sufficient funds for enforcement.
As the world's population continues to grow, rice production will follow, bringing more climate-warming methane with it.
Already, biofuel producers are gearing up production.
The process is cheaper and more energy efficient, and it emits fewer pollutants than conventional production methods.
At first glance, rice production--a practice that is several thousand years old--might seem environmentally sound.
These molecules are used as catalysts in the large-scale commercial production of plastics and rubbers.
As mild changes in the weather foreshadow coming climate change, food production becomes unpredictable.
New environmental regulations may also put restrictions on the industry, pushing up the cost of production.
But ethanol can require large amounts of energy to produce, and its production has decreased world food supplies.
In ecological terms, the physical environment can be seen as an interdependent web of production and consumption cycles.
At that time, scientists were evaluating the suitability of different algae for commercial production.
Hence, his entry was late and his production always remained leisurely.
The agricultural sector has become self-sufficient in the production of beef, poultry, and eggs.
But there are some features that distinguish it as a literary production, which must be mentioned.
The patriotic spirit of the piece gave it a currency which its merits as a literary production alone, would have failed to secure.
Backers herald benefits, from increased production of war materials to improved worker health and morals.
Once the idea is submitted and approved, then production begins.
Our research shows that a kernel of that pattern of speaking begins to form in the brain well before actual production of speech.
The project was a success: it improved water access and agricultural production, and local families maintain the structures today.
Initially bands used it to raise money for studio rental and the production costs for releasing an album.
But production has collapsed, and for younger performers so have prices.
Consequent cuts in production mean that prices and profits may recover this year, so long as people don't stop eating his fish.
The agency said the rapid growth had led to the production of scholars of questionable quality.
In fact, the best scholarship is always creative, and the best production is always critically aware.
If your first meeting goes well but you don't hear back from the production, don't take it personally.
Of course, it counted as a peer-reviewed publication-the coin of the realm for academic production.
It flips on in a second, so there's no big production of opening a lid and going online.
The video is funny, the production values are crude but effective.
Energy-generating building material is in production.
The process is so toxic that it's difficult to get the permits needed to build a new plant in order to expand production.
It's called a condenser in some cases of algae production.
There are good signs that worldwide oil production is declining.
It announced that it has reached two production milestones and is on track to ship systems this year for use in electric vehicles.
Shale gas is a big part of that story, given the role that natural gas plays in oil sands production.
It would also boost the algae's production of oil for biofuels.
Cheap and easy-to-make dye-sensitized solar cells are still in the early stages of commercial production.
But it will take some time to reach these levels of production.
He estimates that demand for solar at current prices is around double the expected production capacity this year.
Earlier this month the company unveiled its production design.
Large scale biofuels production awaits construction of facilities by the joint venture companies.
Water-splitting solar panels would have important advantages over existing technologies in terms of hydrogen production.
The first gene came from a microbe commonly used in the production of cheese.
Most food manufacturers start small, and if they expand into industrial-scale production they don't turn back.
It has a homespun flavor and has been subjected to rigid kitchen and laboratory tests before getting into commercial production.
Nor is there money in the program for research, production, or marketing of healthy foods.
Still, foreign production continued to surge, and the tariffs failed to stem the price free fall.
For example, pyrethrum is a pesticide approved for both plant and animal production.
Drugs that boost the production of dopamine show promise of breaking the cycle of overeating in animal tests.
But because the production of the activator depletes the precursor, the production of the activator will eventually be limited.
The pharmaceutical production process is also vastly more complex than it used to be.
We started our patient on methimazole, a medication that decreases the production of thyroid hormone.
We've found real streets, real galleries, a great production complex organized in long streets and corridors.
The alternative is artificial production--if researchers could figure out how spiders produce silk.
Bronze tools and weapons were the privileges of the elite because of the high capital investments for the production of the alloy.
The drug also stimulated the production of mitochondria, the energy-generating structures within cells.
The company hopes to begin production within a year.
Once they're in place, they can start in on the acid production.
There is concern that this genetic variation-among other things-will hamper vaccine production.
We are focused here on a new way of designing industrial production.
Stats climbed when deregulatory policies were introduced to boost farm production, but they've finally stalled.
They don't do any of the creative, any of the production.
Most of my presumptions about a production are usually wrong.
The traditional role of publishers-editing, production, and distribution-is certainly up for grabs.
It's so peaceful, quiet, and conducive to good thinking time away from production mode.
It's a collection of archival photographs and pre-production sketches of films from the nineteen-forties to today.
The first project, was a more conventional series of production stills.
Eight years later, the plant was leased to a private oil company for the production of insecticides.
The fanciful romance is only one part of a gratifyingly full-scale production.
It was depicted as being essentially a system where production and distribution followed changeless routines.
Otherwise, the gulf between what they import and what they can replace with their own production is too great to be bridged.
The pace of production is high, but the social compact among teachers is frayed.
First, he emphasizes other areas of the brain in the production of consciousness, especially the brain stem.
World oil production is about to reach a peak and go into its final decline.
The gangsters make billions out of pot production and distribution.
Last year should have been a disaster for domestic oil production.
These reports examine how production costs vary among producers of different commodities.

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