product line in a sentence

Example sentences for product line

Each is a leader in a narrow, highly engineered product line.
Pharmaceutical companies with a strong product line often don't understand that their position in the market is inherently weak.
The industry is limited to department store retailers offering a diversified product line.
Imagine an online video with an icon that allows you to pull up information about the shampoo product line.
In the consumer world, they could present pictures of the product line they're dealing with.
The individual items included in these indexes are weighted by the establishment's revenue for the product line.
Listings include a company's complete product line under all applicable categories.
Vendors are required to supply a complete product line.
Further details and announcement of sets will be announced in the near future at a special site for the product line.
The first iPod was an object of techno-lust, and the product line's design has only become more enchanting.
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