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It can be tough to make these distinctions and discern when a new product solves only the problem it created.
Not all appearances of name-brand items in movies result from product placement.
Other stores try to make it easier for customers to get the look and feel of a product without actually handling the goods.
In proportion to the completeness of the distillation, so will the purity and imperishableness of the product be.
He is accordingly not simple, but a product of a certain civilization, and he is not wholly conscious.
You're as much a product of it as an ear of corn is, or a tree.
Find and read consumer product reviews, shop for gadgets, go comparison shopping of electronics.
The two authors measure the proximity of one product to another based on the probability that a country makes both.
Trademarks are merely the right to indicate the origin of a product or service.
The idea is that, if a certain product is seen to be popular, shoppers are likely to choose it too.
In each round of the task, the researchers first presented the product and then its price, with each step lasting four seconds.
As a rule, the more value a firm can add to a product, the more successful it will be.
Switching to a rival product was difficult and expensive.
His grandfather did important work on a generationally defining product of his own.
The end product, although high in quality, is a tough sell.
Maybe you are unsatisfied by oversimplifications in the product itself.
In an industry starving for good news, the growth of the product is a godsend.
The company stands by the product and the installation.
Although these can occur with no help from technology, they are another by-product of sloppy word-processing.
But the product and the business have to be developed using the target language, which is a tremendous pedagogical challenge.
The end product will be maps of subjective experience.
In fact, the electronic transition in scholarship itself is the product of applied science.
Ads that use a trademark but link to a page that promotes a competing product are explicitly prohibited.
But the refutation is equally obvious: such research is a product of the system of humanities scholarship.
No reports of significant product contamination have surfaced.
New instructions and warnings are expected on product labels within the next several months.
If you make a consumer product, there are important lessons in these experiences.
Handling it with caution, add drops of the bleach cleaning product until you see the solution change color.
The cosmetics industry has long been vying for a product that held out the promise of long, thick lashes.
So it is clear that the mind is more then a product of the building blocks.
They did not mention any specific product nor brand for eliminating bed bugs.
We don't need to limited ourselves to creating product identical to nature's own.
So in a sense it questions product ethics consuming.
When you're done listening to this podcast, grab whatever product you use to clean.
The upside from this new product is the fact that less land for landfill is required.
Most of the green building and design movement is so that company's have a new product to charge a premium for.
The hiccups seem to definitely be a product of possible other issues.
Instead, the smile is probably a by-product of a happy, non-stressed individual who enjoys those health benefits.
Some of the scientists involved in the show were not too pleased with the final product, either.
Let's face it, though-this is not a product for those for whom a book is an experience in quiet immersion.
The final product, a hopefully delicious one at that.
Food commercials have an advantage-if you make the product look mouth-watering, it will sell.
When he did speak, his words were the product of long meditation.
Made with the commercial product, it tastes bland and somewhat grainy.
But the debris hazard is unique in being a product of our environmental negligence.
When less product is shipped in a pipeline, the cost per unit of product increases, making the product even more expensive.
Certainly this common language helped to promote certain products and product categories.
But there is no easy way to take the product and reduce it back to its original primes.
Rewind is a ten-fold better product, for a tenth of the price.
As the product of the decentralized networked-era culture, it is less about victory than sustainability.
The profusion of fonts is one more product of the digital revolution.
The bars are thought to be the product of gravitational density waves that pull gases in toward the galaxy's center.
Describes a product-strategy meeting the writer attended.
Yet this standard industrial product does something strange.
The factory was still at less than capacity, with ample room for a new product line.
They are also a marketing gimmick that renders an otherwise indistinguishable product instantly recognizable.
ReCharge ice cream has gone through a string of taste-tests to ensure that the product satisfies the palette.
It's the product of hundreds of millions of years of evolution.
As a by-product of digestion, the bacteria pump out methane, which the company pipes off and purifies.
Instead, they're the product of digital-age sharing.
It allows the storage of dairy product for long periods of time, since cheese doesn't go bad nearly as quickly as fresh milk.
The manufacturer, on the other hand, may want to turn out a product in large batches.
It's akin to phasing out an old product in favor of a new one.
And as a by-product, there would be an enormous abundance of electricity.
The authorities should turn a blind eye to violence as an inevitable by-product of revolutionary mobilization.
These other causes are not, as the ultras often claim, the product of thinly veiled attempts to smuggle purpose back into biology.
No doubt some part of the general rise of interest in fascism can be set down as a product of curiosity.
Today the throughput of the industrial system, from mine and wellhead to finished product, ends up in a landfill or incinerator.
Rather, he seemed truly convinced of what he said, which in turn could be explained only as the product of extreme isolation.
Room-temperature entanglement seems to be a by-product of the process of harvesting light.
Explicitly remembered information includes ad slogans, product benefits, and website addresses.
The power-generating reaction creates a benign by-product akin to soapy water.
You're getting a low price and great product, and you're getting it in two days.
The first commercial product to incorporate dye-sensitized thin-film solar cells will soon be on the market.
If it also does some social good or produces a socially useful product, that's great, but it's icing on the cake.
Lutz's main argument is that companies, shareholders and consumers are best served by product-driven executives.
There's a new faddish booze-infused product whipping up interest from public-health experts: alcoholic whipped cream.
All these advantages are making the bikes a hot product overseas.
Product stewardship is a product-centered approach to environmental protection.
Pesticide product labels provide critical information about how to safely handle and use pesticide products.
Product categories must contribute significant energy savings nationwide.
Product energy consumption and performance and can be measured and verified with testing.

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