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The main attraction is still renting movies by mail, but now the company is producing its own indie flicks.
Soon the ant dies, its body converted into an egg-producing factory.
It's teeming with bacteria, and scientists say that the microbes play a powerful role in producing rain and snow.
It develops rapidly, due to a mysterious autoimmune reaction that attacks the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas.
Economies of scale are factors that cause the average cost of producing something to fall as the volume of its output increases.
The fuel cell takes hydrogen and oxygen and combines them into water vapour, producing electricity in the process.
For decades, their government has poured money into farm subsidies, producing some of the world's costliest wheat.
It does so through surveys, on-campus training and producing a guide book on responding to climate change.
The school has sunk considerable sums into the project, producing slick online lectures and investing in technology.
But quite how a nicer climate ends up producing more species is a mystery.
Oil-producing countries benefit from higher crude prices so the impact on global demand depends how their extra income is spent.
Along with producing lawyers, our nation's colleges are increasingly producing work for them.
But the secretary will also call for more money for a program aimed at producing more minority teachers.
But for traditional scholarly publishers, open access makes it difficult to recoup the costs of producing manuscripts.
Film students aren't the only ones producing videos for homework these days.
Foundations and universities have spent a fortune producing freely available online course materials.
Don't put them through what is inherently anxiety-producing if the outcome is obvious from the start.
Once in the neurons, the gene began producing enkephalin.
While producing a new set of leaders will help, the new leaders themselves will need help.
Inevitably, a leadership industry has sprung up dedicated to the task of producing fully fledged university leaders.
If the aim is to teach on the college level, students must focus on producing book-length manuscripts and getting them published.
But even with educational podcast content, money is often involved in producing or making that content available.
All that really matters is that they're producing delicious fruit.
Most deciduous shrubs and some evergreen ones grow by producing new stems, or canes, from the plant's base.
If seeds are allowed to ripen, the plant will stop producing.
Palm trees are also used for producing crops and marketable agricultural commodities including coconuts, dates and oils.
Interesting about the chimney bricks producing morels.
It's home to a type of acetic acid-producing bacteria called acetobacter, which will convert your wine to vinegar.
Part of the fun of producing this meal was the collaboration.
Performing this task on an industrial scale could open up a novel avenue to producing clean hydrogen fuel.
While the concept is similar to producing algae biofuel, there are several significant twists.
But attempts to cure diabetes through transplant or regeneration of insulin-producing cells have failed.
Conditions producing a lack of oxygen, such as stroke, shrink the extracellular space.
Therefore, if a planet with liquid water has abundant oxygen, some additional source must be producing the gas.
Biology and chemistry also offer opportunities for producing power.
But producing useful compounds is far from all chemists do.
But on the tips of two of its eight arms, it sports large light-producing organs called photophores.
Underground bacterial communities could also be producing the methane.
Rare-breed advocates say the best way to preserve vulnerable cattle is to keep them in the food chain, producing milk or meat.
The company plans to also insert the silk-producing gene into goats with the aim of collecting silk proteins from goat milk.
But the real goal of ivory producing nations is the eventual establishment of annual quotas.
On the moon, the compound could be converted for use in breathing apparatus and for producing power sources such as rocket fuel.
Fortunately for anyone bothered by the horde, adult cicadas die not long after producing eggs.
Producing that enormous, frilly inflorescence takes a lot of effort.
But the species has suckers with sharp claws and light-producing organs on the ends of two of its arms called photophores.
Right now they're producing cut gemstones in the range of one to two carats.
The first was the evolution of seed-producing plants.
Achieving these goals will require producing renewable and alternative fuels more efficiently, and stockpiling loads of them.
He was also producing a stream of unsentimental watercolors of country lanes and old houses that found ready buyers.
Slime, it turns out, is absolutely brilliant at producing useful biochemicals.
Payne was also writing, adapting and producing plays.
These show that the motive for producing such evidence may come from belief, rather than from any wish to mislead or play pranks.
The whole producing an effect that is not without a certain poetry-Times.
Again it is thought that cut or combed-out hair may disturb the weather by producing rain and hail, thunder and lightning.
When the old spirit or new deity is conceived as creating or producing the object in question, the problem is easily solved.
The jargon and the ability of the raconteur must aid the producing of laughter.
Berry- and seed-producing trees and shrubs have been planted to supply the foragers.
But such an outcome wouldn't change the fact that developing countries are now producing genuine global contenders.
He works slowly, producing three or four large paintings a year.
All nuclear reactors work by splitting large atoms into smaller pieces, producing heat.
Fat cells are efficient factories for producing key inflammatory elements, and burning calories shrinks those cells.
But that didn't stop the government from producing more of it.
When people are getting richer and richer but they're not actually producing anything, it can't end well.
As the number of seed-producing plants has declined, so has the kangaroo rat's population, but the species survives.
It turned out he had a native gift, producing fragments of raw but vivid memoir.
It sucks up what little moisture resides in dry land, producing more droughts.
The replaced vegetation could be scrub forest and abandoned farmland, not presently being used for producing food or timber.
The murmurs overlapped, producing a real and abominable spectacle in which everyone spied on everyone.
Without such a demurrer, all integrity leaves criticism, and one is merely producing propaganda.
Living well is not the same as maximizing the chance of producing the best possible life.
In fact the present financial meltdown is producing the market-led adjustment that has eluded policymakers.
But he has been producing big, loosely argued books.
Some villages specialized in producing batik cloth, others in bamboo, and others in metal objects.
Drugs that alleviate symptoms of mental illness in mice often wind up producing human treatments.
My judgment is that they never will, although an electricity-producing fuel cell might eventually come close.
Compared with fast-growing bacteria, yeast do a poor job of producing enzymes.
The process resembles an inefficient engine producing more smoke.
First coal is burned, boiling water and producing steam that drives a turbine to generate electricity.
Many animals are armed with chemicals that hijack the nervous systems of their targets, producing feelings of intense pain.
Producing fissile uranium is difficult and time-consuming, and the machinery required to do it is extremely sensitive.
For them, biodegrading pollutants or producing fuels is simply part of their normal life.
Even more are waiting to hear from hundreds of resumes sent into an economy that's barely producing jobs.
He showed that there are mutual gains from trade even when one country is better at producing everything.
Better still, it could be derived from non-food- producing plants grown on land otherwise unsuitable for cultivation.
Prices are up because the world is consuming more sugar than farmers are producing.
He plays air guitar with ideas, producing air ideas.
It is used for high-temperature thermometers and to dope semiconductors and for producing solid-state devices.
The process requires little additional energy to run, and can further cut down on energy costs by producing its own power.
Plastic solar cells can't yet compete with conventional silicon photovoltaics for efficiently producing large-scale power.
Mimicking such silk and developing ways of producing it industrially has long been a goal of materials scientists.
The process continues automatically, producing progressively better bids until one bank is left offering the best rate.
Computers are heating up with each new generation of chips, as more and more heat-producing transistors are crammed onto them.
The new display technology uses a novel method for producing color.
The main resource is a set of questionnaires we're producing.
Producing the hydrates requires mixing natural gas with water in a continuously stirred tank reactor.
The country may play a key role in producing the next generation of biofuels.
It claims the process can produce sugar at costs low enough to compete with producing sugar from sugar cane.
The startup has so far established a pilot-scale plant to test the technology by producing one cubic meter of water per day.
We already have many economical plants around the world with long track records of producing power.

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