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Literature differs from the other arts in the relation in which the producer stands to the consumer.
The country has almost half of the world's bauxite reserves and is the second-largest bauxite producer.
Steadily, however, producer and dramatist have worked together to make the stage as illusive as possible.
The producer price and consumer price releases showed similar trends.
She has also worked as a writer and producer on a number of television and video projects.
Modern nuclear power is by far the lowest producer of greenhouse gases per watt.
Especially if every food producer would retrofit their gas tanks to run on restaurant grease.
The only strategy that works is to be the low cost producer of the commodity.
To the power producer, the savings end up being less fuel consumed to supply the same demand for power.
The subsidies should be paid to the installing party and not the producer.
The consumer ends up paying the cost of an income tax so long as it is possible for the domestic producer to compete.
Higher feed costs will dampen broiler producer's zest to sharply expand production.
He is not only a singer, but a composer and producer as well.
It is the sole swing producer with significant capacity to increase output, and therefore it controls the world price.
If one small, local power producer has a problem, a few people are without power.
Or either, it is a producer of itself, its structure and its functioning.
It's a steady insistence that it's not a producer-consumer model, with the audience full of consumers, but rather a conversation.
In other words, the farmer occupied the same primary producer niche as the hunter-gatherer.
Crude oil remains the major income producer, but the petrochemical sector is growing quickly, as is mineral extraction.
The forests' also serve as home and livelihood for many of these producer countries' people.
Test your knowledge of the rapper, producer, and businessman with this week's quiz.
If a writer is also a film's producer, arbitration is automatic.
Holding a solicitor and producer license simultaneously.
Below are links to the examination content outlines for each of the producer examinations.
No producer may hold a resident producer license in more than one state.

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