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Any play is so planned that it can produce its exact effect only with its required scenery, lighting, and acting.
Anyone can make one of these and they generate more useable, cheaper, and much easier to produce energy than photovoltaics.
Another way to extend the life of fresh fruits and vegetables is to buy irradiated produce.
It's a reliable recipe, but subtle changes produce surprising differences.
It would only be so if you could produce or suggest something that it pretends to be and is not.
To justify that, the conduct from which it is desired to deter him, must be calculated to produce evil to some one else.
The velocity must therefore always remain less than c, however great may be the energies used to produce the acceleration.
Others, a handful in number, produce enough food to feed all of us and then the world beyond.
If sharp, wit is apt to produce a feeling of mistrust even while it stimulates.
He could not produce wonderful effects by the use of a few plain words.
Wars produce many stories of fiction, some of which are told until they are believed to be true.
Often a whole word is thus put to service, and such amalgamations produce many new words.
Scientists are seeking help from microbes to produce road-ready biofuels.
Spider silk is not a single, unique material--different species produce various kinds of silk.
Fireflies produce a chemical reaction inside their bodies that allows them to light up.
The tiny primitive plants can produce a lot of oil in a little space.
Nonprofessionals routinely produce stunning images of creatures and objects too tiny for the eye to resolve.
It takes a unique skill set and the right equipment to produce a stunning image of another planet or even another galaxy.
And two or more polymers can be combined to produce an alloy, or blend, that displays characteristics of each component.
The steam can then be used to turn a turbine and produce electricity or, in this case, pumped down a well to loosen heavy oils.
Horizontally to the nuclei orbit, chips are flung out to produce a pole on each side of the orbit.
Such devices can produce a lot of electricity on a bright sunny day.
In addition to color control, many of the squid can produce light and control its intensity.
Inside, a bounty of produce thrives under the supervision of a computer-controlled network of sensors, motors and plumbing.
We produce a lot of it, but it isn't widely available.
They produce low levels of toxin, so they're not harmful.
In adults, almost all of the cells that produce telomerase are cancerous.
The sulfur from the matches will combine with the ammonia to produce ammonium sulfide.
Most damaging, the expensive-to-produce series took a dive in the ratings this spring.
When they produce amounts large enough to cause the price to fall they simply slow production.
The biggest factor is growing demand for the grain to produce ethanol.
He has a good jump, too, on another overarching goal he's set for himself: to produce a lasting and distinctive body of work.
But the club-winged manakin's fast shaking alone could not produce the bird's sounds.
Here, tongue is simmered with lots of aromatics to produce wonderfully moist, tender bits of meat.
They offer vegetarian small plates that are creative, satisfying, and always involving seasonal produce.
Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, the mats' stick-free surfaces produce perfect baked goods time and time again.
The result is a great gulf of understanding between the people who produce food and those who eat it.
It may or may not have produced better mothers, but it did seem to produce fewer mothers.
Most writers struggle to produce well-crafted sentences.
In his early period that use of the subconscious enabled him to produce apparently simple works that have an amazing resonance.
But of course at the same time they also produce extraordinary masterpieces.
Rather, the failures average out with the successes to produce a relatively steady rate of return.
It doesn't produce anything, unlike a company in which you might own shares.
Actions can be evaluated in terms of how much pleasure they produce.
Various things went wrong to produce the current financial shambles.
After all, if it wants to produce browser-agnostic software, then it needs to test its systems in all varieties.
Frayed nerves would then start to snap and produce a marked increase in the detective's business.
Her sturdy hands gripped two bulging bags of produce, and she panted from the weight of the food.
Orb-weaving spiders generally produce about seven different types of silk, which they use for different purposes.
They themselves sometimes produce virga, which is rain or snow that does not reach the ground.
And according to some estimates, it takes up to three liters of water to produce one liter of bottled water.
Trade-offs must be made, and produce is an easy place to make them.
Water is used to produce the fuels that keep us moving and our planet humming.
Our bodies produce a small but steady amount of natural morphine, a new study suggests.
After that, additional income appears to produce only modest increments in self-reported happiness.
The leftover products are then refined to produce a fuel that cars can use.
Smaller turbines erected in a backyard can produce enough electricity for a single home or small business.
That's about how much oil was needed to produce the bottle.
And medical researchers are now studying whether cells from animals can be used to help the human pancreas produce insulin.
Modern-day birds also produce this type of bone prior to laying eggs.
When threatened, the marine invertebrates produce two chemical secretions, ink and a milky mix of substances called opaline.
How thunderclouds produce the rays has not been explained.
All objects produce infrared light, or heat radiation.
More common ones are the tasty, seed-bearing fruits that many trees produce.
Many people can produce only when they're up against a deadline.
Cascade of gas centrifuges used to produce enriched uranium.
The reader doesn't care what you went through to produce your work.
Some professors argue that asking job applicants to produce teaching philosophies is premature.
These cold waters produce precious little moisture needed on the mainland.
Well, they're far cheaper to produce than printed texts, making a bulk purchase more feasible.
We were not, and are not, on the brink of a breakthrough that could produce systems approaching the level of human intelligence.
The scientists now believe that volcanoes can produce two kinds of lightning during an eruption.
Instead, they produce powerful aromas to attract our attention from several inches underground.
Because the spicy plants lose more water, they're not able to produce as many seeds.
But the state that grows the majority of the nation's produce has no official food.
These plates and spines protect the fish from predators, but they are costly to produce and maintain.
Even tiny gardens often produce more fresh veggies than can be eaten-or even given away-before they go bad.
The community, instead, relies on its produce to bring in money.
He sometimes defended his isolation as necessary to produce his work.
One of the myths about inoculation was that it did not produce a true smallpox in the patient but a spurious case of chicken pox.
Sometimes astronomers produce images using data from all three telescopes.
Most of his contemporaries believed he would continue to produce paintings in that style.
They discovered that in the final weeks of pregnancy, high-ranking females produce a flood of testosterone and related hormones.
Studies found that it could produce markedly longer survival in some patients.
For a year and a half, he had been trying to write a script that he owed to a studio, and had been unable to produce anything.
He had lost the ability to move, to produce sound, to react in any way.
The text is the absurd writing of one determined to write all the same, to produce text, to sign whatever texts come his way.
Productivity-how much output workers produce per hour of work-is the key to a healthy economy.
Coal plants, meanwhile, produce almost twice the volume of greenhouse gases as natural-gas plants per unit of energy generated.
Hot sunlight can't help but glint from a bumper and produce a faint reflection of the windshield on a garage door.
The intractable complexities of fact produce the inevitable ambiguities of faith.
Scientists are learning to mimic nature to produce clean energy, by re-creating photosynthesis in the lab.
The other parent's copy remains uncapped, free to produce proteins.
After years of setbacks and failures, gene therapy begins to produce some viable cures.
The collectors would heat water to produce steam to drive electricity-generating turbines.
All neurons have certain characteristic attributes: axons, synapses, and the ability to produce electric signals.
They also produce an array of consonants by partially obstructing airflow within the mouth.
In addition, trained singers relax and contract muscles within the larynx in order to produce the resonant waver of vibrato.
Healthy trees could produce anti-insect toxins and have energy to spare for building red and yellow pigments.
Nonetheless, these simple gambits can produce surprisingly intelligent-seeming conversations.
They pull up at the last minute, spread their tail feathers and produce a loud chirpy song.
The lightning had reorganized the molecules in the atmosphere to produce organic compounds.
And if they fail to produce it, a judge can overturn a conviction.
Of course they do not produce with their bare hands.
No art appears as remote as music from the life and the society that produce it.
Getting out ahead of the curve can produce backlash that does more harm than good.
Countries with little by way of chess tradition and few available coaches can now produce prodigies.
There are factors other than schizophrenia that may have helped to produce the qualities that seem schizophrenic in the diary.
Four dollars worth of produce purchased wholesale plus three dollars to ferry the merchandise back to their stands.
Few pirates attempted to produce accurate counterfeits of the original editions.
They produce, however, their own kinds of postrevolutionary pathology.
Now a way has been found to make greener tyres by using genetically modified bugs to produce isoprene biologically.
Diesel fuel made from crude oil eventually won the day because it was easier to use and cheaper to produce.
But animals produce less milk and meat, so its economic effects are severe.
But expect any interim flight to coal to produce some bewildered reactions among well-meaning people.
They already produce more than half the world's exports.
The reaction also produces hydrogen, which can be burned to produce even more energy.
Weigh what is important and produce a personal ranking.
The two companies complement each other in geography and the types of steel they produce.
The difficulty, rather, is spotting signs of it in the jetsam of subatomic debris these machines produce.
But people with insulin resistance-and thus the late-onset version of the disease-do produce insulin.
The car company might prefer to produce its rear-view mirrors in-house, for example, perhaps by buying the mirror company.
Over a year after the recession's end, growth looks vulnerable and has yet to produce much in the way of new employment.
Synthetic biology could yield microbes that fight cavities and produce vitamins.
Kodak hopes to use its expertise in film making to produce flexible solar cells.
GM teams with a startup aiming to produce low-cost biofuels.
One of the main challenges that remains with the desalination process is the cost of the energy required to produce freshwater.
With the conventional process, a millimeter of silicon can produce about three solar-cell wafers.
Mono or polycrystalline panels produce much more wattage per square foot.
Synchrotrons are huge facilities that can produce intense, high-quality x-ray beams for scientific purposes.
Clearly, this is a game that can produce extremely rich behaviour.
But these fuel cells produce relatively little power.
The company uses different strains of algae to produce different types of oil.
Some algae produce triglycerides such as those produced by soybeans and other oil-rich crops.
But the panels would then produce enough additional electricity to justify the price.
Finally, microbes called methanogens feed on these and produce methane.
Most of this evidence comes from turning the lights off and counting the number of photons that cells produce.
Conventional loudspeakers use magnets and moving parts to produce sound-pressure waves.
Anyone with a bank account owes a debt to a produce seller who refused to say no.
The produce of its steeply terraced herb-and-wildflower garden and a citrus grove make a huge impact.
He began to offer farmers multiyear contracts at guaranteed prices, provided they could produce a uniformly high-quality fiber.
We spend in order to produce satisfaction for buyers.
Even the simple act of cooking dinner on a gas stove can produce two and a half pints of water vapor.
Technological advances have enabled factories to produce more goods with fewer people.
Contamination in produce is of particular concern because produce is often consumed raw.

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