prodigiously in a sentence

Example sentences for prodigiously

Moreover, it mutates prodigiously, varying its protein sheath faster than drug designers can keep up.
Spurred by these findings, the experimental tendency in economics has expanded prodigiously.
And it is these, both groups of authors argue, which have been prodigiously affected by demography.
And he was prodigiously gifted at concocting puzzles.
Those users share their interests and preferences prodigiously.
He's a prodigiously fast learner, can communicate through sign language and is easy to cuddle.
The storm is blasting out tons of radio noise, a sure sign that lightning must be dancing prodigiously beneath those clouds.
It is matter prodigiously less dense than air-millions and millions and millions of times less dense than air.
The participants in the new quest have been prodigiously prolific.
White is likable, and he's genuinely and prodigiously talented.
It's been seven months since the prodigiously talented fashion designer took his own life.
Here was a group of fearless, optimistic and prodigiously talented theater artists.
The program is slow and uses system resources prodigiously.
During its short life cycle, this mustard weed produces seeds and mutants prodigiously.
It has grown prodigiously in the past decade, and promises to continue to grow indefinitely.
Without this knowledge there can be no rational planning of our own prodigiously costly defense effort.
Most prodigiously, logging-camp cookhouses served three to five meals daily to dozens or sometimes hundreds of lumberjacks.
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