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Example sentences for prodigious

The legal costs involved in this enormous litigation could be prodigious.
The two species are larger than native white-clawed crayfish and are more prodigious hunters.
He couldn't recapture the loneliness and the idealism that had once been the source of his prodigious concentration.
In a world of seductive illusions, they became revolutionaries by championing the prodigious chaos of the actual world.
Their knowledge of the current reality in a given country is so prodigious that they often cannot imagine a different reality.
The first is that precisely because they are vulnerable, they go to prodigious lengths to protect themselves.
He has a prodigious memory for board positions and moves.
His teeming library-the source of his prodigious power-is visible in an alcove to the side.
But it is a lesson in some prodigious feats of physiology.
Humpback whales are prodigious travellers and every year, they make substantial journeys between different breeding grounds.
Recalling my student days and the prodigious hacking a good toke used to induce in me, a non-smoker.
Prodigious exports of iron ore, coal and other commodities have helped it survive the global downturn without a recession.
Staff and students collaborate with established firms and set up a prodigious number of their own.
Small males, in other words, could overcome the handicap of their stature and win mates through prodigious chirping.
There followed something marvellous to behold: the further, rapid expansion of the former speaker's already prodigious ego.
Machines are fast, reliable workers with prodigious memories.
He is a prodigious worker, and by all accounts a brilliant inside political player.
Never do you feel that she is showing off her prodigious vocal talent for its own sake.
Traditionally a prodigious fund-raiser, he has struggled in the latest election cycle.
His prodigious reading and uncannily retentive memory have long been legendary.
Humans are pumping out planet-warming greenhouse gases at a prodigious rate, and the planet is warming.
However, updating the prodigious number of broken links would require more funds and personnel than are currently available.

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