prodded in a sentence

Example sentences for prodded

If they were the ones getting poked and prodded and restricted to bland food, they'd be keen to secure a fair wage, too.
They've poked and prodded, measured and manipulated.
Evidently feeling threatened, the females prodded the silverback to charge.
The dogs have stopped short at cliff edges and refused to move even when prodded.
They donned their rubber gloves, pushed aside the swarming maggots and prodded, poked and examined both chickens.
You're putting yourself out there to be poked and prodded, weighed and measured.
Other programs have become stricter, too, sometimes prodded by government.
Being in a more research-driven setting has prodded me to submit more articles to topmost journals.
When he prodded the doll's legs, the volunteers thought they were being prodded by giant objects.
The severity of the problem has prodded politicians into action.
The world economy is rolled in on a gurney, prodded and poked, and declared to be suffering from a host of conditions.
It is inconvenient, then, that the results tend to fall off their pedestals when prodded or poked a little.
But the wounds left by the wars never healed, in part because they continued to be prodded by all sides.
He believes that the prosecutors were prodded into acting this time by criticism of their failure to act on earlier complaints.
Prodded in part by the finance ministry, private life insurers followed suit.
Prodded by a strong defence secretary, the review's authors may summon the nerve to recommend bold change.
Prodded by boozy dares, bikers raced one another down the main drag.
Such maneuvers would require the attacker to hold still while being prodded.
Also, the government has prodded corporations to recognize music as an industry for export.
One of his aunts, and other at the board prodded him and asked what he'd wished for.
But if some of these voices expressed apprehension and prodded readers to action, others comforted and supplied the balm.
The officer strolled past and prodded the cartons, suitcases, and bags that stood alongside their owners.
You're poked and prodded, vaccinated and issued gear.
He cared for them and lovingly prodded for them to change.
His sense of parental responsibility prodded him into frequent soliloquies on duty, morality, and proper behavior.
Harvard administrators, prodded by their attorneys, did him one better and shut down the site altogether.
The researchers prodded the stem cells to differentiate into motor neurons by exposing them to another series of chemicals.
His sore back and right hip have been pushed and prodded.
Those in the immediate vicinity may need to be prodded out of reveries.
Nonetheless, the specimens she recovered would indeed launch one or two bombs, when they were prodded on any part of their body.
In the video below, you can see what happens when one of these aphids is prodded with a needle.
The defendant prodded the investigator to say that the income was lower and the expenses were higher.
While thoughts of being poked and prodded are enough to make us shiver, they are a necessary part of caring for an aging body.
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