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Many find ways to procure cheaper produce, even to live off the land with tiny plots they stake out outside the towns.
The obvious choices--a spaceship, an orchard, glittering jewels--prove too difficult to procure.
Meanwhile his institution and others are working to procure good data.
When he did procure prime ingredients — fresh tofu from Chinatown, for example — the variations were legion and sublime.
In this latter assignment I had to procure my own piling and took a small detachment to cut timber in the jungle forests.
This is they must procure a dispensation from local ecclesiastical authorities.
Such early sales help a developer procure financing for a project.
Some global companies may be able to procure supplies from elsewhere.
Thus by all means that may be they procure to have gold and silver among them in reproach and infamy.
Of all the components used, the magnet may be the most difficult to procure.
Insist on careful documentation at every step, circulate information to all parties of the search, and procure signatures.
Presumably, you drove there to procure the various necessities that support your life and well being.
In an effort to allow families to procure building materials gradually, self-storage locker systems have been proposed.
If a creditor refused it, the debtor could deposit the bills with the court and procure his discharge.
Only people with money could go to university and the texts they studied there were expensive to procure.
Then you can go out and eat and try to procure a mate.
He had been fired from other colleges and this appointment had taken him a long time to procure.
If you want to procure storage from the cloud you can do the same thing: never send anything but encrypted data to cloud storage.
Sauropods had to be going after something that was abundant and easy to procure.
Perhaps you have an academic affiliation and can procure a copy however.
And youthful allure you can't procure in term of perms and tucks.
Triumph over the inequities whose leadership help wisdom procure a foothold in the commonsense.
Now, stories abound of youths resorting to robbery or theft to procure another virtual fix at a gaming joint.
The impact on seekers is similarly deeper than the solution they procure from a third-party solver.
Guests may procure firewood from the ranger station.
All volunteers are required to procure travel insurance before their trip.
In fact, many of the flashiest benefits these new walk-away companies advertise are ones homeowners can procure on their own.
He proffered to procure her liberty if she would comply.
She would procure secretly, out of the pouches of the beggars, their dry crusts in exchange for better bread.
If it is employed in procuring future profit, it must procure this profit either by staying with him, or by going from him.
The authority by which state agencies are permitted to procure on their own.

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