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Pollen grains have been traveling via gusts of wind and animals since before the age of the dinosaurs, in an attempt to procreate.
The funnels that create, don't procreate in the same dimension.
It has found a temperate rainforest, with increasing temperatures, and now its spores are able to procreate.
And argue about human rights while ignoring that our own right to procreate is the biggest threat to these rights.
And the hormone need to procreate and build a family is not there.
And if you don't, here's hoping you don't get to procreate.
And the church always held that failure to procreate is not grounds to dissolve a marriage.
Instead, in time another two rocks can bang together to create another bag of chemicals that will eat, secrete and procreate.
Pathogens-those selfish beasts-will do anything to stay alive and procreate.
The primitive part of our brains are hardwired to procreate and search for specific characteristics.
He observes that the religious believe they have a reason to be, and to procreate so as to produce the next generation of humans.
They still have vestigial eyes because they don't interfere with their overall tendency to procreate.
Humans do only what all other living things do on this planet: they procreate and consume resources.
If you're a detriment to society, you shouldn't procreate.
We can't export people as fast as they can procreate.
Not much harm in close relatives getting married either so long as they don't procreate.
Those who have lost their right to vote, to procreate, the own firearms or to life and liberty still have the right to marry.
If you don't control their sources of food and water, rodents will procreate faster than you can trap them.
Effective contraception among patients in age to procreate.
Do not question the grantor or seek additional evidence outside of the file concerning their ability to procreate.

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I could be content that we might procreate like trees, without conjunction, or that there were any way to p... more
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