procrastinate in a sentence

Example sentences for procrastinate

People should not make haphazard decisions, but race drivers don't procrastinate.
Most importantly is because I procrastinate.
How to combat the natural tendency to procrastinate.
Time can become your enemy if you procrastinate after you have recognized you are not making the progress you should.
While officials procrastinate, politicians grandstand.
By self-training you will have the tendency to procrastinate and shorten the exercise.
Recent history suggests that customers should procrastinate.
Most go back and do their jobs as they always have, or procrastinate, hoping the proposed change will blow over.
If there was ever a time not to procrastinate, that time is now.
But he also has other reasons to procrastinate.
They procrastinate, calling for further information.
Of course, that rewards the procrastinators and suggests to them that they can continue to procrastinate with impunity.
People who set their own standards for success do not procrastinate.
Breaking ciphers, apparently, is a good way to procrastinate on developing sophisticated machine translation.
Don't confuse people by being vague and don't procrastinate.
Ordinarily, he works at a pace that maddens his colleagues, finding a variety of ways to procrastinate.
The hardest part about planning for the future is getting past the urge to procrastinate.
Many taxpayers procrastinate preparing their returns, scrambling last-minute to find records needed to complete their returns.
If there's one task homeowners should procrastinate on, it's putting down mulch.
Since there are a limit on diversity visas, they should not procrastinate in applying for their visas.
Almost all retailers impose a time limit on returns, so if you know you are going to return an item, don't procrastinate.
Students who procrastinate will learn that one day's unfinished work will be waiting the next.
Don't procrastinate when faced with a difficult problem.
For example, if you lack confidence in your ability to make decisions, you may fear making decisions and therefore procrastinate.
Often she would procrastinate until the final moment came to sit down and write the paper.
It's easier to exercise and get your chores done, but it's easy to procrastinate.
His tendency to procrastinate that was so prevalent in his daily business activities and decision making processes disappeared.
If a student has a tendency to procrastinate, distance learning experiences will be a struggle.
It's human nature to procrastinate on tasks that don't need your immediate attention.
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