proclivity in a sentence

Example sentences for proclivity

His proclivity for gaining weight became a topic of public discussion.
In time, he made his art out of this proclivity.
The name signifies their proclivity toward global worldviews and individualistic opinions.
I'm pretty sure dogs are born with a proclivity to enjoy riding in the car.
Friends and acquaintances, knowing of her artistic proclivity, bring her an endless supply of used bags.
There is a human proclivity to try and bend the rules.
And executives wonder where the government's proclivity for regulation will end.
It's a psychological disease, not a genetic proclivity.
By necessity, by proclivity and by delight, we all quote.
As a result, they showed a proclivity for making irrational decisions.
With his proclivity to rack up the blocks, owners need to make sure he's back in the lineup.
Actually, given the proclivity to oft show your asininity, the commando style befits you.
Those with a proclivity for violence will in-all-likelihood employ caution before attempting to feed their impulses.
He merely has incomparably more effective means with which to realize his proclivity to evil.
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